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[No comments] Double Disney Day: John was headed to a client's this afternoon, so he decided to take Dalton to Disneyland this morning, to try to get him on some more new rides (the last of them). They were at the gates at California Adventure when it opened and got in line for Radiator Springs Racers with only a 25 minute wait. Dalton was a little scared, but loved it.

Then they went on Tower of Terror. That height measurer must be a little taller, because this is the only ride we've had trouble getting Dalton on (keep in mind, he has napkins stuffed into his shoes). Anyway, they let him on. Here's what he had to say to me when he walked in the door this afternoon: "I went on the one that goes up and down fast and it made my tummy bad." Yeah, it makes my tummy bad, too. John said he was practically convulsing because he was so scared. Well. That's over with then.

I am taking all three kids to Disneyland after school. Only a couple more days left on our passes. It's almost a relief, to have my life back. Almost. I might cry when it's over.

Update: Disneyland didn't quite go as planned, but we had fun in the end. We waited in line to see Mickey. It was about half an hour. Sienna filled up her diaper and got her outfit, the sling and me all wet. I changed her really quick on the floor, and got a clean onesie on her, but her clean pants were in the stroller, so she is nakey legged in the pictures.

We went on Casey Jr, Pirates, Winnie the Pooh, and the Haunted Mansion. Sienna finally crashed on the Haunted Mansion. Then we got an ice cream and walked over to get a spot for the parade the kids really wanted to see one more time. We waited about half an hour for the parade. Maggie was dancing around and woke up Sienna, but it was just as well because the loud parade music startled her. At least she was already awake. She has a cold, so she was pretty unhappy, but not crying. I think she was content to be held in the sling all day. We made it home by 8:30 and everyone went straight to bed.

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