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[No comments] Suspicious: I have decided that Maggie isn't a picky eater, she's a suspicious eater. She really likes to know all the details about what I've made for dinner before she decides to refuse to even try it.

Today the Kindergarten took a field trip the farm. They got to pick and eat all the strawberries they wanted. Maggie said she ate so many her tummy hurt. "Maybe 17." They also got to try various vegetables. After describing them to me at length we determined that she tried a carrot (a whole carrot), lettuce, 2 peas (and she was happy to tell me she ate the pod and some friends didn't) and a "white thing with green on top that looked like a marshmallow with wigglies on the bottom." Hmm.

After school we went to park day since she was on the early schedule and finally got to go. Then we had swimming lessons. Maggie is learning how to dive and can swim the 25 yard pool by herself. Dalton just moved up to level three which means he can swim about 10 feet or so, rolling over to breathe, with an instructor nearby.

Then we went to Daphne's Greek Cafe for dinner. I carefully described all the food to Maggie and showed her the coupon flier. She decided she wanted a pita with meat and lettuce inside and hummus and pita chips. She was very suspicious about the whole thing, but said she'd be happy as long as she got her "tortilla" and meat. I ordered an adult meal for the kids to share. Dalton had a chicken kabob and Maggie had the gyro. I had to request that they leave her pita whole, and she made a little taco with hummus, pita and gyro and she LOVED it. After her first bite she said, "I wish we could have this for dinner every night." In fact, the only thing she didn't care for was the pita chips. She was also suspicious about trying the baklava.

Suspicious, I tell you. Dalton ate his chicken and half my Greek side salad. I ate the veggies from his kabob, had my own kabob and a street pita. Sooooo good.

After dinner, we walked to the fancy market next door, which I'd never visited. We browsed the produce section to find Maggie's mystery vegetable she tried. Turnip? Parsnip? Rutabaga? Nope. It was a green onion. Maggie actually did like green onion already but perhaps has only seen it sliced up. Anyway, that was her favorite thing she ate all day.

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