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[Comments] (1) In Which I Condone Lying: Maggie has learned how to keep a secret better in the last two years, but Dalton... Not so much. Here's the kids' version:

M: Dalton told Daddy about his Father's Day present!
Me: What did you say?
D: I said Snoopy!
M: I lied to him!
Me: What?
M: I lied to Daddy! I told him we didn't buy that for Daddy. *Giggle*

And then I high-fived my six year old for lying to her father.

John's version:

J: So, your son has a big mouth.
Me: What did he say? I heard the Maggie version.
J: We were talking about shows and I said "Snoopy" and he said, "Just like on your Father's Day present!" And Maggie said, "No, Dalton! He doesn't know what he's talking about. We didn't buy you that. We bought you something else. He doesn't know!" rushing on. I wished I had a video camera!

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Posted by Rachel at Thu Jun 13 2013 02:06


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