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[No comments] ABCs of Me Right Now: Stealing this idea from Jill for something to blog about. I'm trying to blog more.

Ambition: Be an awesome mom. Specifically, I am wanting to do homeschool preschool with Dalton this fall.

Bad Habits: fingernail biting

Celebrity Crush: No idea. We are watching the first season of Glee right now and that Asian kid is kind of cute.

Drink: Water. Lots and lots of water.

Education: B.S. in Recreational Therapy.

Food: Salad and Ice Cream as always. Lately I've been eating a ton of chocolate covered blueberry/acai/pomegranate "fruit juice pieces"

Guilty Pleasures: Going back to sleep after I feed Sienna in the morning and letting John get up with the kids.

Hometown: I suppose I will claim Bakersfield since John added it to my Facebook profile.

Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.

Jonesing For: A nap. A long walk with John. International travel.

Kryptonite: Sleeping babies.

Look-a-like: My cousin Laura.

Movie: Wreck-it-Ralph

Nickname: Dalton still calls me "Susie Chadwick" sometimes.

Obsessions: Disneyland, apparently.

Perfume: I don't really wear perfume.

Quirk: Rolling my eyes.

Regret: Not being a better mother today.

Saver/Spender: Lately, I've been more spendy. Always frugal, and cutting back again as we save for a trip to Europe next year.

The Last Book You Read: I can't remember. That certainly says something about me right now.

Unique Feature: I have squished thumbs.

Vacation: Getting ready to go to San Diego next week! Legoland, Wild Animal Safari and San Diego Zoo.

Wardrobe: Jeans and t-shirts. Well, it's summer. Jean capris and jean shorts and t-shirts. And Rainbows and a ponytail.

X-ray: I don't know what this means. I haven't had an x-ray since I was in Romania

Years: We've been in California for just over 1 year. It's flown by. The days are short and the years are shorter.

Zen: Nursing my baby. I truly love it.

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