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He Finally Said It: "I miss Disneyland." Dalton has been telling me several times a day for the last week or so what rides he wants to go on next. We're going to Legoland in two days, we'll see if that quells anything.

A Day: I got up at 12:50 am to nurse Sienna after she cried for 20 minutes. Ugh.

At 6:45 I can hear that Maggie (who has no quiet voice) has found the two key elements of mornings at our house: Daddy and the iPad. Sienna hears her, too. Ugh again. I nurse her in bed because we're both tired. But the kids have gymnastics class at 9 and I have to work on Monday mornings, so no more sleep for me.

John leaves for work around seven. The girls play (Maggie coloring and Sienna trying to eat the coloring book) and I work until 8, then we get ready for gymnastics. I have to wake Dalton up and we are late.

Maggie gets to ring the bell and show everyone her kickover. She does a bridge, then kicks her legs over and stands up. Her entire class figured it out today. Sienna gathers admirers and I make friends with the mom next to me.

After gymnastics, the kids eat fruit snacks in the car on the way to Target. We buy lots of baby food pouches with Target coupons, a new leotard and a backpack for Maggie, and a couple other little things. The cashier is impressed with my coupons, but those baby food things are expensive.

Sienna falls asleep on the way home. The kids play on their ride-on cars in the garage while I bring the groceries in and start a load of laundry. I nurse Sienna and put her in bed. The kids are noisy and she refuses to sleep until the minute I send them downstairs. I do another 1/2 hour of work and we eat lunch around 1.

After lunch, I sit on the couch looking on Pinterest while the kids invent games in the living room. Sienna wakes up around 2.

The kids play and I do more work. We get the slide set up in their room and they go crazy on it. I go through my fabric scraps and make Sienna a baby wipes box full of fabric scraps to play with and a treasure basket - a basket full of natural (not plastic) items around the house (I couldn't find much, but she loved it). The kids and I also make her a baby toy by filling a plastic water bottle with tiny pieces of aluminum foil that shake around. She is almost crawling and it's hard to keep the foil out of her reach until it's safely in the bottle.

At 4, she goes down for another nap and I start dinner. The kids are watching Madagascar. I try a new homemade tortilla recipe, and get out burrito stuff. John is home for dinner because he has a chiropractor appointment at 5:30. Maggie and I eat burritos and Dalton invents a peanut butter tomato tortilla and eats half of it.

By the time I got dinner cleaned up, Sienna fed and the movie is over, it's time for baths. Sienna sits in her whale tub in the big bath tub with Maggie and splashes to her heart's content. After Sienna gets out and I am feeding her, Dalton gets in. When Sienna is in bed, the big kids get out of the bath and we read stories. Dalton picks a favorite, The Sleepy Little Alphabet, and Maggie chooses a book on Macaws from the library. She is very into birds right now. Then we watch some Fantasia clips, starting with the ostriches dancing. Finally: bedtime. I manage to get off only being medium-mean-mom because I won't let Dalton go eat.

Back to work once the kids are in bed. I am adding pictures to threads on craft ideas and frugal tips. John has been working this whole time because he'll be off most of the week. We are going to San Diego on Wednesday! John and I sneak out for a walk, then watch an episode of Glee. We'll be up too late tonight. One of my favorite parts of the day is sneaking into Sienna's room to plug my phone in and seeing her sleeping. I always leave the room smiling.

Tomorrow is another day!


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