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[No comments] Breastfeeding at Legoland: At Legoland, Maggie and I were in line for the Joust ride while John took Dalton on a roller coaster. I was nursing Sienna, in hopes of getting a little nap out of her, which didn't happen. A lady in front of us asked if I had a camera so she could take my picture and I would have a beautiful picture of me breastfeeding my child at Legoland! I misunderstood her at first (possibly because it was such a weird thing to ask) but then I gave her my phone and let her take a picture of me.

It was presumptious, and a little strange, mostly because I imagine she would do that any time she saw someone breastfeeding. But she was RIGHT. There aren't a lot of pictures of me in the first place. I'm the one who does most of the picture-taking. And it's difficult to take a picture of one's self breastfeeding (though I have one Maggie took). So, now I have a beautiful picture of me breastfeeding my child at Legoland. I look great, because I am laughing at the woman.

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