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[No comments] A Mother's Arms: I rocked some babies to sleep today.

Earlier this week, a friend lost her husband in a car accident. I can't imagine what she has gone through this week. I haven't been able to put my sadness and helplessness into words. When something like this happens, you want to help, but often don't know how. I ended up volunteering in the nursery for her daughters and dozens of nieces and nephews during the funeral.

I took one crying child after another and rocked him to sleep, snuggling him to a moment's peace. And then I went to get my own children, 4 hours later and much thanks to the friend they were with.

This is what I can do. There are no words for such inexplicable loss. There is no use for "let me know if I can do anything." But there is a place for a mother's arms around another's child, leaving parents to mourn their brother, their husband, their friend. This I can do. I rocked some babies to sleep today. Beginning and ending with my own and filled with love in between.

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