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Mommy Laughing: Today after dinner, Dalton was having a "trick-or-treat". Pretty much all we have left is small packs of Nerds. I opened the pack and gave it to him, sitting at the table. He tried to pour it into his mouth, but spilled quite a few on the floor. In the split-second my mind was deciding whether or not to be mad (no - I was planning to clean the floor after bedtime anyway) he said, "I ate some."

Maggie and I found this hilarious and laughed and laughed. Maggie then tried to get me to laugh again.

Maggie: Besides spilling Nerds on the floor and saying, "I ate some" how can I make you laugh?
Me: Yeah, that isn't going to work twice. Tell me a joke.
Maggie: What drives a car, but isn't human?
Me: A chimpanzee?
Maggie: What's a chimpanzee?
Me: A really smart monkey.
Maggie: No, not a chimpanzee. A banana!
Me: .... *laughing hysterically*

It's funny because she has no idea how to tell a joke. I actually thought she was telling an actual joke from somewhere, but she just made something up. It worked though! But it didn't work twice.

[Comments] (1) What the Cracker?:

Me: There ARE crackers in your seat. What are they doing there?
Dalton: They're sleeping.


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