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Maggie, tell Dalton what Chuck-e-Cheese is.
It's like Disneyland, but it's inside.

M: What are we going to do with these instruments? (ornaments)

Dalton, helping me pick out clothes for Sienna: Here's a fit out!

Dalton became obsessed with the word "Mister". It started from Mister Grinch he also noticed Mister Hooper on Sesame Street. And every other time someone says Mister. But most adorably and hilariously, he says, "Mister. What's a Mister??" all the time.

Apparently I invented a new game when I moved rooms FOUR times trying to keep Sienna away from noisy kids. Maggie asked if we can play "Quiet Time" again tomorrow. I hope not. That night she prayed in great detail about the "game." "Then mommy went to this room and I came in this room, then Mommy went to the other room..."


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