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Blooster: We've begun a new trend of walking to school to get Maggie and bringing her scooter so she can happily scoot home. We pass by a park and I've been letting the kids run do one slide as we pass by. Today Maggie slid down the pole and got a blister on her hand.

After gymnastics I saw that her coach had bandaged her hand up. She told me she had a booster. I figured a booster was some sort of thing to protect her hand while doing the bars. Then I realized she meant the blister. I told her the correct word. Later, in the bath she told me that her "blooster" was hurting.

Speaking of Maggie and pain, she lost her first tooth yesterday! She was pretty whimpery about it the last day before it fell out. It fell out while my friend Amy was watching her. The Tooth Fairy brought her a dollar!

Maggie is loving first grade so far. She loves to learn. She got the first Wise Owl award for Winning Attitude and being a good example. Shocker. I am excited to volunteer in the classroom and help out with the math groups this year.

Picking Ice Cream Flavors: Dalton invented a game in the car yesterday. He asked me to name things I can do. I named things like drive a car, play the piano etc. Then it was his turn.

I can pick ice cream flavors, play games, play on the iPad, take a bath...

The boy has some talents. Then we had to list things we can't do. Neither of us can drive a FedEx truck, of which we saw dozens. Dalton can't drive a FedNext truck either.

Dalton learned his lesson after getting lost at school the other day. We played at the playground before Maggie's soccer class on Tuesday. Then we stopped at the car to get her soccer socks on and Dalton kept going. I watched him run to the to the field then turn around and go stand by a light pole and ask another parent where his mommy was. Good boy.

Dalton at 4: Dalton is four.

He loves the color green.
He loves playing racing, dinosaur agent, kitty and roadrunner, owls and eagles and other pretend games with his sister, usually involving imaginary light sabers.
He goes to gymnastics.
He is sweet, kind, and thoughtful.
His baby sister has wormed her way into his heart and he gives her kisses and fights to see her first after naptime.
He will eat nearly everything, including most vegetables.
He does NOT like cheese and fish.
He likes Angry Birds, playing iPad, and playing Mickey Mouse and Dinosaur Games on the computer.
He likes just about any movie he watches.
He likes to run around at the park with friends.
He wants to be a big kid (or a girl - whichever gets him more privileges).
He picks our his own clothes every day and likes to wear a single color (red shirt, red shorts, red underwear).

For his birthday, Dalton got running clothes like Daddy, an Angry Birds Halloween shirt, a Jack Skellington shirt, and a Perry the Platypus shirt. He also got a lava lamp and Halloween ghost lights, a Halloween Lego set and Lego magnets.

We went to Pump it Up with a couple friends, and I made him a Swampy cake (Disney Where's My Water?) as requested. His friend Adrienne came over to have cake with us.

Brick or Treat: Apparently, we neglected to tell Dalton what Brick or Treat was. Because when we pulled up to Legoland after an hour drive he said, "We're going to Legoland today?"

We had a great time. John dressed as Wreck-it Ralph, I as Vanellope, Dalton as Fix-it Felix. Sienna only wore her Q*Bert hat the last few minutes but got lots of comments. She wore a pink skeleton outfit. Maggie wanted to be an owl so I made her an owl costume. Everywhere she went she got comments and compliments on her cute costume. I hope it's not going to her head. Unfortunately the costume contest was very late, or I would have entered her.

The trick or treating was very organized and fairly efficient. Each booth had a sponsor giving away things like Clif Zbars, Honest drinks, Corner bakery cookies etc. Since he Brick or Treat is included in admission, I like that they had sponsors. There was a little candy but not the pounds we brought home from Mickey's Halloween party lady year.

We got to go on a few rides, and enjoyed the Halloween decorations and a nice lunch.

Run Over: From a friend who watched Dalton recently:

When we walked to school I told Dalton we had to look for cars before crossing and he said "my mommy doesn't do that."

Pumpkins and Teepees: We went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. I put together a group to get a deal with unlimited bouncy house and a small pumpkin. We had a couple friends from church and a couple friends from school. The kids had a lot of fun bouncing, feeding the goats, riding the cheap rides and drumming in the teepees. It was fun for me to have friends there, too!

It seems really cheesy to go to a pumpkin patch in a parking lot with truckloads of pumpkins brought in and dumb rides, but it's pretty magical for the kids. The ground is covered in hay and they have lights at night and a bubble machine.

Date with Dalton: Dalton and I headed to South Coast Plaza to do a mystery shop this morning. (And Sienna of course, but she was just a hip accessory). After the shop, through which we obtained a $20 gift card we will put to good use, we set about for some mall fun. Dalton wanted to do "all the things" and I think we got close.

Harry and David: a free chocolate truffle each
See's: three free samples plus we bought some marzipan for John.
Disney Store: checked out some new toys (Try Me Now!) and played with the interactive displays.
Lego Store: Dalton built a race at the play table while I looked around. I discovered a bald eagle set for $5 with the fall/Thanksgiving sets so I got it for Margaret who looooves eagles.
Carousel: it was only $1 and Sienna was free if I held her. I found it a lot easier to justify now that we don't have Disney passes. The $15 animal balloons, not so much.
Corner Bakery: I told Dalton, let's go get lunch, and he didn't want to go. Then he realized we were getting lunch at the mall! score!

We spent slightly more than the $20 I'll be reimbursed but we had a great morning.

9 Toes: Yesterday I knocked most of my big toenail off when I opened the front door onto it. I ended up in the ER but they decided to just wrap it up rather than yank it out. I have to keep it up and ice it. Hopefully it will fall off in a couple weeks. Then the paper says it can take up to 12 months to grow back. Ick.

In the meantime I am bandaged and limping and trying to protect my feet from rambunctious kids.

Harry Potter Revisited.: I decided to start rereading the Harry Potter series, rather than spend free time browsing Harry Potter pins on Pinterest. I started last week and I already finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and the first movie. Last night I started on the next book and I'm about a third of the way through. I've been putting off reading these again because I was thinking they were juvenile, but J.K. Rowling is such a great author. These books are amazing.

John is in his crazy, last two weeks of October, 14 hour days, time, so I've had plenty of time in the evenings. Especially since I am laid up with my bum toe.

California Girl: In the car on the way home, Maggie burst out with this gem:

I'm glad we moved because California is beautiful.
Me: Did you say California is beautiful?
Yes! It costs more money and it's beautiful. I love our house, I like all the trees, I like my school.

That's my girl.

I spent 5 minutes explaining to her that the Transformers Bot disappears into the TV with their new game console. Then, I went through her homework folder and discovered they'd just had a lesson on Fantasy vs. Reality. What kind of school is this?

And from me: Apparently, the toy wouldn't work because three of the four batteries were in upside down. Talk about user error. *oops*

[Comments] (1) Shopping Experience: A couple nights ago I had a dream I was shopping at Nordstrom. Possibly for a bridesmaid dress. I don't know if Rachel was with me or if I was telling her about my experience in the dream. When I went to the dressing room, they looked for a file on me - and found one! She handed me an empty manilla folder with hearts and drawings all over it. I said, "this is from the Nineties." Apparently the last time I had shopped at Nordstrom. Rachel was with me and we must have gotten carried away decorating the folder.

Then I tried to make a purchase. The register bank was somewhat like a sterile hotel registration desk. The cashier kept ignoring us to talk on her phone! Completely unacceptable for the level of service I had come to expect from Nordstrom. In my dream. Even though I hadn't been there for 20 years. I called loudly for a manager and went over to speak to him.

Sienna Sleeps: By 11 months, I changed Sienna's "schedule" to just one nap. The change has been amazing. She actually takes an actual nap sometimes if I keep her up until 11:30 or 12. Most single nap takers an later in the afternoon but this is working for us.

She is also sleeping better at night. 12 hours. I got up at 5:30 today and that's the earliest in over a week.

This all may have something to do with her four teeth being out, but I think having one solid nap is so much better for her. And me.

Daltonisms: A few Daltonisms that he spouted yesterday.

Fire Indian (Fire Engine)
Candy Cot (Handicapped - as in Handicapped Ticket for a parking spot)
Fruit Bear (Root Beer - can I have a fruit bear float?)

Homemade Halloween: May my children never wear mass-produced polyester Halloween costumes. May they never even want to. Those things serve a purpose, but not for us. We enjoy Halloween and putting thought and effort into costumes. Even if I don't sew any other time of year., I will for Halloween.

Margaret (I heard a school friend call her that today) is a super star in her fabulous owl costume. Success to be repeated next year if I can talk her our of a Star Wars (and Dalton out of being Princess Leia.)

Update: Maggie's teacher made a point to tell me how much she loved her costume, and the woman at the most popular trick-or-treat house asked to take her picture, saying it was the best costume she'd seen all night.

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