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Brick or Treat: Apparently, we neglected to tell Dalton what Brick or Treat was. Because when we pulled up to Legoland after an hour drive he said, "We're going to Legoland today?"

We had a great time. John dressed as Wreck-it Ralph, I as Vanellope, Dalton as Fix-it Felix. Sienna only wore her Q*Bert hat the last few minutes but got lots of comments. She wore a pink skeleton outfit. Maggie wanted to be an owl so I made her an owl costume. Everywhere she went she got comments and compliments on her cute costume. I hope it's not going to her head. Unfortunately the costume contest was very late, or I would have entered her.

The trick or treating was very organized and fairly efficient. Each booth had a sponsor giving away things like Clif Zbars, Honest drinks, Corner bakery cookies etc. Since he Brick or Treat is included in admission, I like that they had sponsors. There was a little candy but not the pounds we brought home from Mickey's Halloween party lady year.

We got to go on a few rides, and enjoyed the Halloween decorations and a nice lunch.


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