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[Comments] (1) Shopping Experience: A couple nights ago I had a dream I was shopping at Nordstrom. Possibly for a bridesmaid dress. I don't know if Rachel was with me or if I was telling her about my experience in the dream. When I went to the dressing room, they looked for a file on me - and found one! She handed me an empty manilla folder with hearts and drawings all over it. I said, "this is from the Nineties." Apparently the last time I had shopped at Nordstrom. Rachel was with me and we must have gotten carried away decorating the folder.

Then I tried to make a purchase. The register bank was somewhat like a sterile hotel registration desk. The cashier kept ignoring us to talk on her phone! Completely unacceptable for the level of service I had come to expect from Nordstrom. In my dream. Even though I hadn't been there for 20 years. I called loudly for a manager and went over to speak to him.


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