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Blooster: We've begun a new trend of walking to school to get Maggie and bringing her scooter so she can happily scoot home. We pass by a park and I've been letting the kids run do one slide as we pass by. Today Maggie slid down the pole and got a blister on her hand.

After gymnastics I saw that her coach had bandaged her hand up. She told me she had a booster. I figured a booster was some sort of thing to protect her hand while doing the bars. Then I realized she meant the blister. I told her the correct word. Later, in the bath she told me that her "blooster" was hurting.

Speaking of Maggie and pain, she lost her first tooth yesterday! She was pretty whimpery about it the last day before it fell out. It fell out while my friend Amy was watching her. The Tooth Fairy brought her a dollar!

Maggie is loving first grade so far. She loves to learn. She got the first Wise Owl award for Winning Attitude and being a good example. Shocker. I am excited to volunteer in the classroom and help out with the math groups this year.

Picking Ice Cream Flavors: Dalton invented a game in the car yesterday. He asked me to name things I can do. I named things like drive a car, play the piano etc. Then it was his turn.

I can pick ice cream flavors, play games, play on the iPad, take a bath...

The boy has some talents. Then we had to list things we can't do. Neither of us can drive a FedEx truck, of which we saw dozens. Dalton can't drive a FedNext truck either.

Dalton learned his lesson after getting lost at school the other day. We played at the playground before Maggie's soccer class on Tuesday. Then we stopped at the car to get her soccer socks on and Dalton kept going. I watched him run to the to the field then turn around and go stand by a light pole and ask another parent where his mommy was. Good boy.


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