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Lego Visit: We had a great day at Legoland today. It was beautiful fall weather. We took turns waiting in lines and went on a lot of rides because it wasn't very crowded. Of course, we realized at the end of the day that Sienna hadn't been on a single ride. We also saw a few LEGO characters, and the Star Wars X-Wing model, which is apparently the world's largest LEGO model.

We went in search of an ornament for this year's Christmas tree (though we bought one in Yosemite). For $7.99 you can get a 2x4 Lego brick key chain engraved, so we did that.

They are decorating for Christmas, including some sort of fake snow activity/area in the works. It's no Disney, but it's fun!

Sienna took no nap until we got to the car. Dalton also fell asleep in the car and took a 4 1/4 hour nap. And now, at 10:45 pm, he is wide awake in my bed waiting for me to come snuggle. Yes, please!


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