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Family Pictures: Today was the long-awaited taking of family pictures. We wanted to do something "California" themed. Apparently it's beaucoup bucks to take pictures at the mission, so we did the beach instead - Laguna Beach (at Heisler Park) for a typical Orange County shoreline. I think they are going to turn out great!

We were worried about rain, but the weather was perfect. The light was amazing. The kids were bribed with ice cream so they would smile nicely and look at the camera with their eyeballs. Sienna didn't cry (even when plopped on damp, pokey rocks). Sand was enjoyed by all.

In the meantime, we decorated for Christmas. John put up lights all along the bushes on the outside of the house. It looks very festive. Yes, we are those people who *gasp* decorated before Thanksgiving. Whatevers.

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