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[No comments] Black Friday: This morning we got up, got ready and packed to go to Legoland. We brought rain coats and umbrellas and no stroller. We got as far as the freeway and changed our mind. Legoland is almost entirely outdoors, including all but one ride. And it's an hour drive in the rain. So we turned around.

Instead, we went to Toys R Us. On Black Friday. It was 9:30 by the time we got there. It was busy, but not insane. We bought a race track for the kids (full-price) and got a $1 pack of play-doh.

Then we went to Old Navy, while we were out. We got shirts for each of the kids, and a scarf for John, and waited in line for 45 minutes to check out.

Then we went to Target, while we were out. Sienna fell asleep in the car, and we left her in her carseat, chewing on a noisy Rudolph toy while we shopped. We scored some great DVD deals. I spotted the last Monsters University near the check out on our way in. John grabbed it and we checked and found that it was indeed the $10 sale one, and indeed the last one on the shelves. We got a few other DVDs for $4-6 and an outfit for Sienna with the cutest sweater leggings.

Still raining, we headed home, quite satisfied.

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