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Grocery Budget: My financial goal this month is to track my grocery spending. I gave up on the budget about a year ago. I was always under budget, and there was plenty of money to spend on food, so I stopped bothering. I'm afraid it might have gotten a little bit out of control, so it's time to reign it back in. In addition to not keeping track, our grocery spending has expanded to include another one in diapers, baby food, organic produce, organic milk, nitrate free ham and hot dogs and who knows what else.

It's the 7th and I've been shopping four times. Argh! The total is under $150 for the week, though, so that's not too bad. Also, I got 6 tubes of Crest toothpaste at Ralph's for under $.50 each. Finally a good toothpaste deal! I've had to *gasp* pay full price a couple times, because toothpaste is one thing we are picky about. Now we're set for a while.


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