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The Best Christmas Party Ever: We went to an amazing Christmas party last night. We felt pretty special just to get an invite, but it was so fun. Here's the round-up.

For the kids:
bouncy house
velcro climbing wall
video game bus
baskets full of chips
cookie decorating
rainbow loom
gift exchange
treasure hunt
Despicable Me 2 on repeat
hired adult supervision

Yes, we live somewhere that kids can play outdoors in a bouncy house or open 3 car garage until 10:30pm in bare feet. I think this was the best part. The kids' favorite part was the bouncy house, and I love that we could just leave them be to play with their friends and do as they pleased in the kids area.

For the adults:
White elephant. The rule of the game was anything you left there would be returned to your porch tenfold the next day. The first thing we opened was a picture of a piano. An actual piano they wanted us to take home. LUCKILY, someone else actually wanted the piano, because I would not have been surprised to see an entire band on our porch this morning otherwise.
Lots of food. Everyone brought an appetizer or dessert and there were prizes. The cheese ball snowman Dalton and I made won third place! They also had a hot chocolate bar, a s'mores bar, drinks everywhere, so much food and so delicious
Lots of friends! We didn't know most of the people there. But there were still plenty of people to talk to. And the kids had an amazing time.

It was seriously a great time. The kids, including Sienna, were up until 10:45 and no one seems the worse for wear.


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