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Lego Santa: Last night the kids and I had a fun semi-Christmasy outing. We went to South Coast Plaza to do the free monthly build at the Lego Store. We had to wait in line forever, but it was a fun little thing for Maggie to do. Then we waited in a much shorter line to visit with Santa. The kids loved it. It's not a cheap cheesy Santa, but a lovely little village and he was great. Even Sienna was enthralled, though not enough to let me put her down. They also have a big Christmas train display.

Afterwards we went to dinner at IKEA since it was nearby, there was traffic going our direction, and it was kids eat free. We got home late, especially having gone straight from school-shopping-soccer, but it was a good time.

Speaking of Lego and Christmas, Leonard sent Maggie another Lego Advent Calendar this year. It's her third one and this year is Star Wars. The kids are loving it!


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