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New Clothes: I am pretty excited about what I wore yesterday. On Saturday we bought a shirt at Disneyland that I've been eyeing since last summer. It's grey and pink - my two favorite colors to wear. It's long over my hips and the neckline isn't low. Meaning, I don't have to wear a tank top under it. And, it's a Disneyland shirt, so yay.

Additionally, my one pair of pants was in the laundry and it looked too cold to wear my new cropped pants. So I tried on a pair of my regular jeans and ended up wearing them with my maternity stretchy band since I couldn't button them. And my friend, Amy, said I looked skinny.

Today I hot glued the black band onto my hat. The black band that came off in India. Two years ago. The hat I bought on clearance for $4 at Old Navy in 2003. Yay!


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