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Hero Camp: In which Maggie goes to day camp, I take a nap, Dalton is saved by a real hero, and Sienna continues in long-suffering.

This week was Hero Camp, put on by some women in the stake. It started out innocently enough, but is now over 200 kids. It's only $35 for supplies, including the t-shirts, and moms have to volunteer. This year was a detective theme. Each day Maggie learned about a new hero, did some themed activities and games, crafts, had a lesson, and a treat. It was very detailed, overly planned, and kind of amazing. It was also exhausting.

Some of the best activities Maggie liked were a laser maze (white yarn strung up between chairs and black lights), a cardboard box maze, and a gumball machine filled with candy. There was also a "bubble man" doing bubble tricks for them.

My day was Thursday. I was on the activity committee. We had 5 different activities to rotate the kids through (15 or so groups of 10-20 kids for 7 minutes each). My activity was digging in inflatable pools filled with pit balls for fish stickers (a la Moses parting the Red Sea). So I was in charge of finding and borrowing pools and balls, and getting them set up. It was way more work than it sounds like. I am sore today from squatting down next to the pools and leaning over hiding the fish (4+ times for every group). Ugh. I was so exhausted after the late night set up and the early morning get there and the long day doing it and cleaning up that I took a nap when we got home.

Today there was a cutie performance with each group doing songs they learned. Maggie's group did a rockin' version of The Army of Helaman. After the songs and a slideshow, we went to the Lagoon. This was on our summer list. We got a great spot thanks to friends saving extra. Sienna took a little nap. It was great fun.

Until Dalton followed a mom he made friends with over to an area I didn't realize was a little deeper, and couldn't keep his head up. It's true what they say about drowning - it's quiet and you might not even notice. The moms right next to him didn't, but the lifeguard did and was headed over as I noticed my little blondie had disappeared under the water. He wasn't drowning though, just got in a little too deep. But yay for lifeguards doing their job.


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