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Bright Boy: We scootered home from ward FHE in the park last night.

Dalton: The sun! The sun! It's giving us light!

And a few moments later: It's that how much down.

If only we could all have such zest.

Also, from Rachel's Facebook page: Researching gender in the British Library. We asked my nephew if he wanted to be a flower guy. Answer: yes. My niece asked if she can be a flower GIRL. "I can help Dalton," she offered.

Dalton is super excited to "hold the green and throw the flowers at Aunt Reechel's wedding."

Breastfeeding at Legoland: At Legoland, Maggie and I were in line for the Joust ride while John took Dalton on a roller coaster. I was nursing Sienna, in hopes of getting a little nap out of her, which didn't happen. A lady in front of us asked if I had a camera so she could take my picture and I would have a beautiful picture of me breastfeeding my child at Legoland! I misunderstood her at first (possibly because it was such a weird thing to ask) but then I gave her my phone and let her take a picture of me.

It was presumptious, and a little strange, mostly because I imagine she would do that any time she saw someone breastfeeding. But she was RIGHT. There aren't a lot of pictures of me in the first place. I'm the one who does most of the picture-taking. And it's difficult to take a picture of one's self breastfeeding (though I have one Maggie took). So, now I have a beautiful picture of me breastfeeding my child at Legoland. I look great, because I am laughing at the woman.

Dalton's Bedtime Story: Once upon a time there were a mommy that love me and a beebee that like me and a daddy who love me and a Maggie who like me. The End.

Junktastic: I asked Dalton today what we wanted for his birthday. He began to list off a variety of junky things I've said "no" to over the past year. I don't know how he remembers this stuff.

Crayola crayon maker (they saw this in an abandoned cart at Target)
"baby toy where the dolphin goes into a circle" (from a Baby Einstein show)
another new car (ok that one's fine)
Angry Birds racing (I thought this was on clearance at Target and almost bought it, but then I realized it was full-price, for a junky track and an Angry Birds car we already have).

What we are looking at getting him is a trip to Disneyland (his ticket is still valid) and a lava lamp.

I Have a Crazy Baby: In the last day or two Sienna:

Sat up from her tummy
Pulled up to standing
Tried to climb the stairs
Crawled her first steps (crawls?)
Babbled both mama and dada

And yesterday for lunch she ate 4 oz of carrot puree, 2 handfuls of Cheerios and FIVE silver dollar pancakes.

Slow Down, Little One: It is so amazing and wonderful to watch Sienna grow up. I miss my baby already. I looked in on her last night, my favorite moment of the day, and she was lying sideways in her crib, too long to fit. Such a tall girl.

I'm glad the other two were shipped off to gymnastics camp everyday this week because I've enjoyed some great alone time with her. Like shopping. It is fantastic to go shopping with one little baby.

Hotel California: Earlier this week, John had to teach in the LA office. We drove up with him the night before to stay in the hotel because the kids loooove hotels. It is a destination in itself, apparently. We stayed at the JW Marriott next to the Staples Center. It was $40 to park. Times two.

After we checked in, we went for a walk around the neighborhood (ie downtown). I love downtown LA. Nice tall buildings. Maggie was wearing a nametag from her sports class earlier in the day, and I was not the least bit surprised when a homeless person finally called her name. She had found a dollar in the grocery store where we stopped to buy breakfast, but decided to keep it for herself, not her new friend.

Surprisingly, all 5 of us slept great in the same room. The kids and Sienna were probably just exhausted. After John went to work, we sat around watching Disney Jr. Then, we went to the mall on our way home to do one of the summer events as the Disney Store - a Piglet animation class!

Missing Disney?: My friends' Disney passes are all valid again and pictures of cute kids riding Dumbo are filling my Facebook page. I almost miss it. It sounds like fun. But it also sounds like a lot of work and a lot of effort and I really enjoyed a Saturday full of errands and swimming with the family this past weekend.

I guess I overdid Disneyland getting my money's worth and having a pass sounds like too much work right now. I'm ok with that.

Maggie's Kindergarten Report Card: Which I am just now looking at. (trimester comments)

Maggie is a joy to teach! Her work habits and behavior are outstanding, and she serves as a positive role model in our classroom. Maggie’s thinking skills and expressive oral language skills are evident in her classroom participation. She has developed a strong foundation in reading and math, and I am proud of her progress and effort! She takes pride in all her work, and it shows in her artwork and journal writing. We will continue to encourage her to add “voice” (with movement lines and words) to her illustrations and writing. Maggie is off to a great start in school! Thank you for all your help and support for Maggie and our class.

I very much enjoy working with Maggie! She is so delightful! Maggie is making great academic progress. Maggie’s reading and writing skills continue to develop during RTI instruction. Her imagination and creativity are reflected in her journal writing. Maggie is now writing multiple sentences, and using descriptive words when writing. She always puts forth her best effort into every task that she is assigned. Maggie has a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards school and you can be very proud of her accomplishments. Wonderful job Maggie

Maggie has made terrific progress this year in Kindergarten! She continues to excel in all areas. She has a strong work ethic as well as a strong foundation of skills to expand upon next year in first grade. I have especially enjoyed Maggies’s journal writing throughout the year. It has been such a pleasure to watch Maggie learn and grow this year in Kindergarten. With Maggies’s friendly, cooperative attitude, she will always be a pleasant addition to any class. I hope you have a wonderful summer and wish you all the very best in first grade!

Acrobats and Taxes: I asked Maggie in the car what she wanted to be when she grows up. She wants to be a fourth grade teacher. She'll be a paleontologist during summer break, and an acrobat with the circus on Saturdays.

We were driving by the college and I explained to her again how that's where you go learn the job you want to do. I told her about Daddy being an accountant and what taxes are. (For the record, I also explained Recreational Therapy and bill-paying to her.)

I also added that taxes pay for things like schools, parks and roads, and we pay a lot of them so we can live somewhere with nice parks and a great school.

An hour later she asked, "Does it not cost a lot of money to go to India because it's a little bit dirty there?" It took me a minute to grasp her meaning, since it had come out of nowhere. Indians must not pay as much in taxes because their streets aren't as clean. Clever connection for her to make, I thought.


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