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Junktastic: I asked Dalton today what we wanted for his birthday. He began to list off a variety of junky things I've said "no" to over the past year. I don't know how he remembers this stuff.

Crayola crayon maker (they saw this in an abandoned cart at Target)
"baby toy where the dolphin goes into a circle" (from a Baby Einstein show)
another new car (ok that one's fine)
Angry Birds racing (I thought this was on clearance at Target and almost bought it, but then I realized it was full-price, for a junky track and an Angry Birds car we already have).

What we are looking at getting him is a trip to Disneyland (his ticket is still valid) and a lava lamp.

I Have a Crazy Baby: In the last day or two Sienna:

Sat up from her tummy
Pulled up to standing
Tried to climb the stairs
Crawled her first steps (crawls?)
Babbled both mama and dada

And yesterday for lunch she ate 4 oz of carrot puree, 2 handfuls of Cheerios and FIVE silver dollar pancakes.


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