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Acrobats and Taxes: I asked Maggie in the car what she wanted to be when she grows up. She wants to be a fourth grade teacher. She'll be a paleontologist during summer break, and an acrobat with the circus on Saturdays.

We were driving by the college and I explained to her again how that's where you go learn the job you want to do. I told her about Daddy being an accountant and what taxes are. (For the record, I also explained Recreational Therapy and bill-paying to her.)

I also added that taxes pay for things like schools, parks and roads, and we pay a lot of them so we can live somewhere with nice parks and a great school.

An hour later she asked, "Does it not cost a lot of money to go to India because it's a little bit dirty there?" It took me a minute to grasp her meaning, since it had come out of nowhere. Indians must not pay as much in taxes because their streets aren't as clean. Clever connection for her to make, I thought.

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