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No Good, Not-So-Bad Day: Today was kind of awful in a weird way. Sienna woke up at 2:45 am, and then everyone was awake again before 7. The kids played great in their room. Sienna was ok at first.

But I have been in an inexplicable bad mood all day. Sienna has been insanely grumpy. Either she was as affected as I by that early morning wake up call, or she's getting more teeth. She's been screaming and acting crazy. And she wouldn't nap. I finally got her down for a good one after 3.

The kids haven't been especially naughty. Their noise has been bothering me and Dalton broke the baby gate I spent an hour installing yesterday. I tried taking a nap or at least getting some rest. I tried thinking happy thoughts, singing songs, counting my blessings. Meh.

I actually got a ton done today. Rachel is coming tonight. I did some cleaning and three loads of laundry. Sorted out all the craft stuff for starting preschool with Dalton. I even finally finished taking pictures of Maggie's school work I wanted to remember (and recycle). It sure felt good to get that crossed off my list.

We had take out for dinner, John took Sienna for a walk and the kids and I are at the park. Maybe we just needed to get outside after a day of cleaning and cooped-up. The fresh air and prospect of seeing my sister soon, and of bedtime, is making me feel better finally.


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