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Orbiting Granillas: Maggie had me laughing in the car today. She asked me why there were 52 weeks in a year, so we got on a conversation about the earth rotating and orbiting the sun. Then she said, "Do the planets have lines to follow around the sun, or do they just have to remember the way?"

We had dinner at Rubio's and on the way out, she noticed a ZPizza and asked, "Is that Zuppa's?" I told her it wasn't and that Zuppa's was only in Utah. A few minutes later she asked if you could make your own country. "Not a country, but a place with all the things. If you can, I'm going to make one and mine will have Zuppa's." Right on.

Then, we were playing our new favorite game of "I'm thinking of a...." I was thinking of an animal and she guess "granilla." Or a gorilla. Whichever.

Bouncy Baby: Yesterday Dalton got lost at school. I said, "come here Dalton" when he was playing at the playground and he headed toward the gate when I was headed to Maggie's classroom in the opposite direction. As soon as I noticed he wasn't at the playground, I went to the gate and saw him halfway down the block to the car - with a throng of people in between. I started running to try to catch up to him, but he just kept walking! Finally, a couple of moms we know from K last year noticed he was alone and crying and stopped him from crossing the driveway. Of course, we practiced "stickedy-stuck feet" and saying "Where's my mommy?" which he is very good about doing at Disneyland and Target, but apparently didn't occur to him when he thought he knew where he was going.

Anyway, the point of this blog was about me running to catch up to him. Maggie was very impressed that I could run faster than she! "And wearing flip flops," I said. "And carrying Nenna," she added. Yes, carrying Nenna. She was LAUGHING the whole time! She laughed so loudly, I thought she was crying. She LOVES being bounced. If I bounce her a bit and then stop, she will start rocking herself to get me to keep it up.


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