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Compliment Me: Someone complimented my swimming suit at the Legoland water park today. It made me feel great! But it also made me feel bad because I had thought two nice things about other women at the park earlier and didn't get a chance to say them. Never suppress a generous impulse!

Date Night Shopping: Tonight John and I got to go on a last minute date. We watched a friends' kid overnight last night, so she offered to babysit for us tonight. We didn't have anything planned, but why not? We went shopping at Target and Old Navy and had dinner (?) at Wetzel's Pretzels. We went all out and got dip for our pretzels and a frozen lemonade.

We bought two pairs of shorts for John; capris, a t-shirt and some beach shorts for me; a dress with bloomers and a shirt and capris for Sienna. It was so nice to shop kid free! And try stuff on! And not hear whining! John didn't even whine a tiny bit.


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