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[No comments] Big Bear Lake: We are back from a relaxing long weekend in Big Bear. This vacation was planned before John's last minute business trip to Buenos Aires, and if we hadn't already paid for our rental condo, we would have cancelled. But we didn't and we had fun!

We went on the alpine slide. only two people could ride in the lift at a time, so Maggie got to go by herself. She also went on the slide by herself, and loved it. All the kids loved the slide. It was not nearly as long ast the one in Park City and pretty dinged up and bumpy, but we had a great time.

We also took the lift at Snow Summit up to do some hiking. We did the 1 mile mountain top loop, which is plenty of hiking with the kids. There was some rock scrambling and some animal spotting action as well.

Then we went on a cruise around the lake on the Miss Liberty. Sienna did not fully appreciate it. As in, she ran around the whole time, barefoot because we were afraid she was going to throw her shoes overboard. But it was a nice tour.

We made another stop at the alpine slide on our way out of town. A great view from the top and a little energy out before the vomit-inducing car ride home.

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