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Busy Saturday: On Saturday, each of the kids had a birthday party to attend. Dalton went to a Frozen party (they've been going to a lot of Frozen parties lately). All of Dalton's friends are girls, so he was the only boy except the birthday girl's big brother. Not that he noticed or minded. They played Pin the Nose on Olaf and threw paper snowballs at the Abominable Snowman.

Maggie went to a party for one of the girls in her class at school. It was a reptile party. I think it's awesome that she and all the girls in her class her handling tarantulas and huge snakes.

The timing of the parties also left us with alone time with each of the kids. John took Maggie for a hike in the morning and took Dalton shopping in the afternoon. Sienna and I attended the Frozen party with Dalton, then I finished sewing while she took a nap.

We also went over to some friends' to play games. Always fun to get invited to do stuff!

Dot Dot Electric Shock: Maggie learned a new hand game at school yesterday. After school she and her friend taught it to all the boys at the park, and to Dalton and now they are obsessed.

Tic Tac Toe
Give me an X
Give me an O
Give me a three in a row

Johnny got hit by a UFO

Line Line Number Nine
Spiders crawling up your spine
Dot Dot Electric Shock!

Over It: John and I took cheesy quizzes to see what songs were written about us. I got Pharrwll Williams' Happy. John got Journey's Don't Stop Believing with a cheesy description about spreading the faith.

Me: That's not you! You worry too much.
John: About what?
Me: I don't know. Money.
John: Money? That's so 7 years ago!

Sienna Speaks: Sienna's vocabulary has increased tremendously this week. It's really amazing to watch her learn.Here are just a few of the words she can say. They pretty much all sound like two or three different sounds, so it's really based on context, but SHE knows what she's saying.

Nee (horse neighing - uses it for anything with four legs that doesn't look like a dog)
Change (diaper)
Baby (also for doll)
Bye bye (die die - also says for all done, and if we're going in the car)

She also started pointing to her diaper when she uses it and saying "wawa", whatever that is. When she first did it I said, "did you go potty?" and signed potty and she ran into the bathroom. A great first step!

Mommy Level 3: Today we went to the Safari Park for what we plan to be the last time before our passes expire next month. The new tiger exhibit was open, so it was fun to see that, go on the tram, feed the lorikeets etc.

I was so tired that I dozed on the way home, and just wanted to take a real nap. Instead, I took Dalton swimming. He recently reached level 4 at swim lessons, but had yet to put it to the test in real life. It took him a while to warm up to the pool and be willing to swim on his own, but I was able to get him to cross the width of the pool on his own, with some strong arms and a couple rollovers. We called it "Mommy level 3." Then we hung out in the hot tub. Love my good swimmer boy.

Tweety Beep: Sienna is obsessed with Twitter. You know, the bird. DOOdooo as she calls it. She sees the icon on our TV, or on Instagram or the computer (since I don't actually really use Twitter) and gets so excited.

: I've been missing my grandmas lately. Realistically speaking, this is Grandma Rosie and Grandma June. Grandma called me Sugar, a little bit of the Southern in her I guess. There's something enormously comforting about a hug from a comfy old woman who calls you Sugar.

I miss visitng Grandma June, doing puzzles with her, watching her get her "dying" body down on the floor to play with the kids, and fully appreciating every moment I spent with her, every errand I drove her on, every piece of chocolate cake I brought her. Few people in my life have made me feel so appreciated.

Even longer than this bout of grandma-missing, I've been noticing grandmas out and about. And taking notes for when I'm a grandparent. Seriously.

Diet's Over: We had caramel corn for lunch.

I finished the Healthy Living Challenge. I didn't finish strong, kinda gave up on the no sugar the last week, but I did finish. It's nice to eat what I want and not have to write it down! The food journal was getting really annoying.

I am still exercising though because I made a slinky dress to wear to Rachel's wedding.

The Maker's Schedule: I had no idea what this article was talking about at first, but I soon realized, "That's so me!" I am a maker. A single meeting can disrupt an entire afternoon. A single "thing to do". In my care, it's not likely a meeting but a school pick up, an errand, an activity for the kids. One thing we have to do that makes me feel like I can't do anything else near that time. I have to plan around it. I do feel a great sense of freedom when I have a day with no scheduled activities. Looking forward to the freedom of summer.

Beyond Let It Go: We are getting tired of Sienna saying "Let it go" all the time but I pointed out to John that sometimes she will hand you something and say "here you go" or point to a car and say "there they go bye bye". She also says "let's go" when we get in the car.

This morning when I went into her room, she was pointing at one of the Winnie the Pooh friends on her crib sheet and saying "where'd it go?" With her little hands upturned. So cute. She's blossoming into a lot of early speech, like her brother.

Sweet Talker: Sienna said two phrases today. I asked her where her other shoe was and she went to the table and pointed under saying, "there it is!"

We borrowed a monkey leash for her to use on our trip to Europe and she loves it. Today she was wearing it around the house on her front and she told me "monkey says ooh ooh ahh!"

Save Here, Splurge There: So excited for our trip to Europe! We leave tonight!

I was just thinking how blessed, lucky, we've been (and what a smart planner I've married) because we haven't had to pay for this trip out of savings. We've carefully saved and paid for things as they came up, used our tax refund and cashed my WAH money to pay for everything in advance, with cash on hand for food and transportation and souvenirs. We've really paid for everything else already! All without taking money out of savings, or missing any of our regular savings transfers.

Rachel's long engagement and my working at home sure helped there. Plenty of time to save and plan, and earn a little extra.

We love to travel and are blessed we can save hard to do so.

Sienna's Baby Blessing: I recorded Sienna's baby blessing on my phone, but never did anything with it. Here are a few notes of things John blessed her with.

love and kindness as a gift to share with others
health and strength, mentally strong
desire to seek learning
sensitive to choosing things that are right because it's the right thing to do and will bring you happiness

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