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[No comments] Busy Saturday: On Saturday, each of the kids had a birthday party to attend. Dalton went to a Frozen party (they've been going to a lot of Frozen parties lately). All of Dalton's friends are girls, so he was the only boy except the birthday girl's big brother. Not that he noticed or minded. They played Pin the Nose on Olaf and threw paper snowballs at the Abominable Snowman.

Maggie went to a party for one of the girls in her class at school. It was a reptile party. I think it's awesome that she and all the girls in her class her handling tarantulas and huge snakes.

The timing of the parties also left us with alone time with each of the kids. John took Maggie for a hike in the morning and took Dalton shopping in the afternoon. Sienna and I attended the Frozen party with Dalton, then I finished sewing while she took a nap.

We also went over to some friends' to play games. Always fun to get invited to do stuff!

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