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Over It: John and I took cheesy quizzes to see what songs were written about us. I got Pharrwll Williams' Happy. John got Journey's Don't Stop Believing with a cheesy description about spreading the faith.

Me: That's not you! You worry too much.
John: About what?
Me: I don't know. Money.
John: Money? That's so 7 years ago!

Sienna Speaks: Sienna's vocabulary has increased tremendously this week. It's really amazing to watch her learn.Here are just a few of the words she can say. They pretty much all sound like two or three different sounds, so it's really based on context, but SHE knows what she's saying.

Nee (horse neighing - uses it for anything with four legs that doesn't look like a dog)
Change (diaper)
Baby (also for doll)
Bye bye (die die - also says for all done, and if we're going in the car)

She also started pointing to her diaper when she uses it and saying "wawa", whatever that is. When she first did it I said, "did you go potty?" and signed potty and she ran into the bathroom. A great first step!


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