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Sienna turns 2: For Sienna's second birthday we got her Princess Sofia socks, a Rapunzel t-shirt, a stuffed doggie and Sleeping Beauty movie. I'm thinking she doesn't need anything for Christmas a few short weeks after that haul.

Weird Thing to Say: "Mouse and rats can fit under our stroller." Dalton

Other Side: Sienna phrase of the month: dah die - other side. She first said this when I was giving her tons of kisses near her ear to ask for kisses on the other side. She still mostly uses it for more kisses, but she's also used it for putting pants on, and a backpack. It's adorable. Who wouldn't love a toddler asking for more kisses?

Siiick: Dalton is really sick. Boo.

: While Dalton was sick I missed two planned Disneyland trips. Sad! We finally made it yesterday after school. Met up with a couple friends, did a couple rides, the kids were well-behaved, and we made it home before bedtime. We walked in the door and Sienna threw up all over the kitchen floor. Which is much better than throwing up all over the car, right? She appears to be fine this morning.

Pressies: Kids got lots of stuff for Christmas! Maggie nearly made the naughty list, but apparently, she CAN be good. We started a clip chart and her attitude has been awesome the past few days.

Maggie got:
Wii games, accessories from Uncle Leonard
Wayside School/Fudge books
Angry Birds Stella shirt
skating lessons
owl purse from Auntie Rachel

Dalton got:
his own ipad (Kindle Fire)
Minecraft for his tablet
Minecraft Legos from Uncle Leonard
Minecraft shirt
Bearenstain Bears book
Wooden auto from Auntie Rachel
remote control car

Sienna got:
Princess Little People
Minions shirt

Sledding Day: One of our favorite things about coming to Utah at christmas time is sledding. Maggie has been talking about it for days. She kept asking if we were going to let her go by herself. Well, since we didn't end up going to the cabin, why not? No cars to crash into, no dangerous mountain sides to tip off of.

Jodi and Brook brought us plenty of gear to suit up with. We met at Murray park and had a great time. Maggie was so thrilled to go by herself, she went over and over, hiking up the hill and carrying her own sled every time. She is at a bit of an awkward age with the big gap between her and the older cousins, trying to figure out whIfh group she belongs. She had a blast.

Dalton went with me and John and also by himself. He was mostly able to make it up the hill alone, especially after we moved to a little shorter part.

Sienna went a few times with me and John and then kept saying "no". She wasn't crying, but obviously not loving it. I finally ditched her with grandma and Aunt Jamie. After about an hour she started crying nonstop, I think from the cold, so we all headed back to grandma and grandpa's for our Christmas party. Maggie and Dalton went into the backyard with Kyli to play some more in the snow. Sienna was glad to be done.


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