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Bleh: I got food poisoning or something Wednesday night, and then spent all day Thursday lying in bed trying to recover.

Grandma Pat: Today, we had a girls dinner with Aunt Pat, Shannon, and Leah who are in town (ish) for a cheerleading competition. It was so good to see them. Pat took a turn holding Sienna on her lap, which involves actual holding on tight, and maybe getting a little wet when she dribbles a glass of water all over herself.

I was reminded of Pat's awesome grandma-ness. She is a nice blend of grandma-spoiley, hot chocolate after dinner, make you fancy breakfast in the morning, and enforcing your rules, helpful, keeping your kid from getting trampled. I think she's just wonderful and I'm glad we were able to see her today.

Leah and Maggie had a good time bonding over Rainbow Magic books and gymnastics tricks and jumps.


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