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What Do We Do With a Lazy Baby: There is no kind of pleasure like ride on the lazy river while snuggling a baby. Except maybe a speed boat ride while snuggling a baby. Apparently this is my kind of paradise.

John took the day off work and we went I Legoland. Unfortunately it was so crowded from spring break. We went on a handful of rides then decided to test our luck with the water park. It was in the low 60s and overcast so the water park wasn't at all crowded. Dalton got on the water slides with his tippie toes so john took the big kids on that while Sienna and I rode the lazy river around and around. At first she wasn't too sure of the baby tube (with a sealed hole) but she got over to and had a great time. She really didn't even get wet at all. I got her some giant Legos to chew on and we snuggled and I sang along to The Beach Boys while I pushed her floatie. Seriously a fantastic way to spend an hour.


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