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Beep's Baby: I think I am spoiling Sienna. Lately she's taken an interest in carrying a bag around on her arm - probably related to Easter egg hunting. We needed more sand toys anyway, so I bought her a Minnie Mouse bucket and shovel at the dollar store. Then she saw a Mike Wazowski figurine (rawr! ah!) she just had to have. Then, today at Walmart, she saw a baby doll. We bought Maggie a baby doll for Christmas when she was two and she never took an interest in it. But Sienna fussed and fussed and was so enthralled and it was on clearance so I bought it for her. It's just a cheap plastic doll, so if she decides she doesn't like it, no big deal.

In the mean time, she carried the box around the store. She is noticing that it has toes and a belly button like she does, snuggling it in bed (not that she went to sleep) and carrying it around in her Minnie Mouse bucket. Love.


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