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Mad Gab: Dalton and I did a Lego Friends Mad Gab together. Obviously he had Daddy on his mind.

Hey! Let's sleep to the Daddy after this! I want to get dressed a new green water park.

We've been swimming for 4 days! I'm so happy with my dad that I could paint a slide.

Did you see my dive off of the swimming pool? I practiced it about 4 times, until I could snuggle Daddy through the air like a crocodile and a shark.

Yeah! That was green! Teach us how to play games on the computer it but let's give my dad hugs and kisses some chocolate toast first!

We should try to type an underwater snackbar someday so that we never have to run or practice cartwheels out of the pool!

My Dad: For my Throwback Thursday post on Instagram this week, I wrote about my dad.

April and May mark the bookends of my parents' lives. My dad was a track star, a cheerleader and played the clarinet in the UCLA marching band. He was a computer programmer when computers were huge. He was a science teacher and a cross-country coach, a family historian, a bishop and a choir director. He grew a fabulous garden, took us on outings, and painted stripes on my nails. He died of AIDS at 43. #tbt

Kind of more things he did in the outside world. While writing the post, I thought of a lot of other things he did that meant more to me personally. He read us bedtime stories. I remember sitting on my parents bed, digging in the drawers of their headboard while he read. He took the long way home. He stopped at Podunk, Everywhere to see all the sights along the way. He took us to the zoo, to Disneyland, to museums, to see the stars. He played Uno with us during Spending Time on Sundays (which I now see is the equivalent of my kids' Daddy Home Day). He did jigsaw puzzles and cooked. He camped and hiked and carried kids on his shoulders. I think we would have made a fabulous grandpa and I wish my kids had him around.


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