: Another trip to Utah, another round of sick kids. Maggie and Sienna both started throwing up Tuesday night. Sienna was basically fine after that, but Maggie basically lay in bed the next two days. she missed the New Year's Eve party where we played tel-tionary (hilarious).

On Thursday I took her to the urgent care because she was also complaining that her ear hurt. Apparently, ear infections are strongly associated with a couple types of stomach bugs (which explains why Dalton had the same thing a couple weeks back). So, she had a really bad double ear infection on top of the tummy troubles. Three trips to Walgreens got us chewable ibuprofen, anti-nausea, Benadryl for car sickness, and antibiotics. We cleaned her up for family pictures in the state Capitol building. We had to spend some time waiting, but the kids had fun running around with their cousins. Except for Maggie who slept on the marble floor. With a pillow her smart daddy brought.

After the pictures we had Su Casa and Waffle Luv food truck for dinner. Yum. Splitting the drive with a stop in Vegas means we didn't have to get up early, but four days of driving is a waste of time. We're flying next time.

Sunday Morning: We have 11:00 church. Not sure if that's good or bad.

Pro: I made 4 dozen peanut butter chocolate chip muffins this morning. The kids cheered.
Con: In the middle of eating my first muffin I realized that it's Fast Sunday.
Con: John is leaving for Chicago after church.
Con: I just got called into the nursery. Yay, in general, but 11:00 church is the worst for naps.
Con: 11:00 is the worst for naps during Sacrament Meeting too.

Basically, I don't like 11:00 church. But I do like muffins!

New words for Sienna:

baby Jesus

She also defines everything by the person it belongs to. "Nenna pillow. Daddy pillow."

: I just looked at the calendar on my check register for possibly the first time ever. It wasn't very helpful though, since it isn't 2006.

Bad Excuses: This morning, Maggie said she couldn't play the piano unless one person was upstairs. I told her that was the dumbest excuse I'd ever heard. Even she had to laugh at that.

I also spent all morning cleaning/fixing the vacuum. And then re-vacuuming the house. Water and pine needles make nice clogs, apparently.

School Mom: Today I volunteered in Dalton's class for the first time. I just did some prep work, but it was fun to see Dalton and all his little friends working hard. I'm looking forward to going every week. He is so cute sitting at his little table, cutting little fox ears with his little scissors and being a good listener. His class is so well behaved, especially compared to Maggie's 1st grade class. She has better luck this year, and/or a better teacher. I am assistant room mom for Maggie's class, so I have to go to all the parties. Helping at a 2nd grade class Christmas party left me quite winded.

I also made friends with two other moms who have had Dalton over for play dates already. He loves that, and it was nice to get Sienna down for a nap earlier/get stuff done. I think next time, I will take her to Disneyland when it opens.

I Don't Believe That Ever Happened: Today John said, "You know what sounds good for dinner? Cafe Rio." And I said, "YES!"

New Activities: I took Maggie to the kickoff meeting for the Stake Musical. Sounds a little crazy and intense. She wanted to do it with a friend. Hopefully it's fun and a good experience for her!

She is also doing skating classes right now, which we got her for Christmas. I think we will be quitting gymnastics soon. They've been doing it for 2 years and have kind of lost the spark.

If she likes skating and picks it up ok we might do ice skating lessons with a friend in a couple months. Dalton is interested in soccer or something. And swimming is coming up already, too! This year we are going to do cheap-o lessons at the community center since they both already know how to swim. Ish.

Trader Joe's: Everyone has their favorite products to buy at Trader Joe's. I mostly shop there for dairy and produce, not for their specialty food items. I started going there when I was looking for non-UHT organic milk, and didn't like the taste of the only other brand I could find (Sprouts). So, I buy organic dairy, eggs, and produce there, but there are a few other items we've tried and really liked.

European-style chocolate yogurt
chocolate covered butterscotch caramels
dye-free gummies
chicken field salad (with sweet basil dressing)
nitrate-free ham, pre-cooked bacon, and organic hot dogs

Those are the main staples we really like. The yogurt is really good.

Silly Fruit: Dalton checked out his first school library book - Fruits and Vegetables A-Z. Last night when we read it, I had him point to each thing and say what it was, if he knew. When we got to U, he pointed to the Ugli fruit and said, "dumb fruit."

A Moment at Disneyland: We went to Disneyland on Saturday morning. On our way out of the park, we stopped at the candy store on Main Street, and bought a vanilla cake pop and a rice krispy treat (both Mickey-shaped). Then, we sat on a park bench and listened to the Disneyland Band performing a few songs. It was a really enjoyable way to spend a few moments. We weren't riding any exciting rides, or doing anything unusual. Just a restive moment with our family, some treats, some music, and enjoying the atmosphere. All the things I love about Disneyland.

A Cup of Sugar: One of the things I really love about where we live is the community feel. It's not just at church; I love walking to school and seeing familiar faces. But a whole lot of it IS the church. We have a large group of friends who attend both church and school with us, including one family who also lives right in our neighborhood. We trade childcare at an unprecedented rate in my life: Sienna goes to our neighbor's house an average of four times a week. It. Is. Awesome. It's a great feeling to have friends I can count on to pick up Maggie, to carpool, to go out to dinner, the meet at Disneyland, to chat at the park after school, to be part of my extended family.

Just for example, here's today: I walked Maggie and her friend to school, while my neighbor watched Sienna. After school drop off, I went running with another friend. After I picked Dalton up from school, he went with our neighbor to baby group (which happened to be at a pool). I picked both the girls up, and we hung out at the park with three other friends from church.

This afternoon, I dropped Sienna and Dalton off at another friend's house, and took her oldest with Maggie to rehearsal for the Stake Musical. I sat with several other church friends (nearly all of whom had carpooled with other neighborhood moms).

And we'll do it all again tomorrow.

BOY!: The other morning. Sienna was snuggling in bed with us. When Dalton came in, she yelled, "Boooy!"

Where does she get this stuff? It reminded me of when Dalton was one and called Maggie "iss."

Dumb or Innocent?: Dalton was watching a Facebook video over my shoulder. Me: Oops, he said bad words. I hope you didn't hear that.
Dalton: What? I didn't hear him say "dumb."

A couple other Daltonisms: My eyes is all spiced up.
I want a bacon bite with smashed tomatoes.

Saturday Live: Last night I went to Disneyland with a friend, late. We stayed till after closing, hopping on Indiana Jones with no wait as the cast member beckoned us at 11:56. This morning I slept in a bit and woke up to breakfast in bed (!) from my hubby.

John had to work, so the kids and I did some chores, watched Snow White, and played around at home. After lunch, we went for a family hike in Bommer Canyon, which was so lovely. Everything is really green right now. Sienna took a nap and the kids played Wii. Then John and I went out to dinner at a Japanese/sushi restaurant nearby. We walked there and back, and stopped at the grocery store to get some ice cream for dessert. It was great!

Hobby Switch: Instead of reading a book today, I made a dress.

Siiick: Sienna's eaten nothing but apple juice and pretzels for three days.
Two cancelled Disney trips.
I think taking Dalton to school this morning (late) was the greatest sacrifice in motherhood so far.
Maggie refused to get in the car, so stayed home alone.
But then I remembered we have rx anti nausea drugs (from the last four stomach bugs in our house).
The day is looking up.

Elsa Capes, Final Score:

Me: 0
Rolled Hem Foot: 1
Glitter: 6,372

Valentine's : Today was a busy and fun Valentine's day. It started off with Sienna throwing up in her crib (third time this week) and John taking Maggie on a daddy-daughter-disney-date. They were at the park just after 8 am opening. I sewed. Dalton woke up around 10. We immediate headed to Target to get a birthday gift.

While we were at Target, I picked up something for a friend who just had a baby. When he picked out glitter glue for his friend's party Dalton said, "you should get some for your friend who had the baby." Why not? I spoke in church on Sunday and told this story about Dalton so it may be related.

I wrapped the gift in the car and we went straight to the party. It was a totally cute Valentine's party with all his little church friends. I brought Sienna home for a nap just as John and Maggie got home. I did some sewing while Dalton finished up the party, then I took the kids and our neighbor's girls swimming.

It was such a nice pool day. Dalton squirted a pregnant lady in the face and I made him apologize but other than that the kids got along ok for the first two hours. John brought Sienna when she woke up. She had her first swimming lessons this week and is loving it. My friend came with her baby later, and we met a school friend as well. The real highlight of the pool was when Dalton tossed his kick board aside in the deep end and forgot how to swim and I had to jump in and save him. I'm awesome, what can I say. Apparently, the kickboard slipped out from under him by accident. ETA: I forgot about the part where Dalton got punched in the face and then another kid jumped into the pool on top of him. He had a rough day.

For dinner we had Cafe Rio. John picked it up, and I went back and picked up the dressing they forgot to give us. After dinner, we went over to our neighbors' for chocolate fountain. None of us are feeling 100% still from our sickness this week, so we didn't so it justice, but amazingly I had just bought cinnamon bears at target so I could make chocolate-covered cinnamon bears. So that wish came true.

I Know You!: Last night I was awoken at 1:30 a.m. by Sienna screaming "I KNOW YOU! I KNOW YOU!" from her crib. She has new plush dolls (Elsa and Aurora) that are just the right size to slip between the crib bars and she lost Aurora. I know you! is now her standard Sleeping Beauty phrase.

My Name Nenna: On Tuesday I got to have a special Sienna-Mommy date at Disneyland. It was pretty crowded so we mostly visited with her friends. She had been saying "I skeered Yo Ho" lately, but woke up saying "Me Go Pirates" so we went on Pirates first. We also walked right onto the carousel, and she wanted to ride Dumbo so we waited in a long line for that.

We saw Jasmine and Aladdin in Adventureland. Aladdin said, "she's so little!" but Sienna basically ignored him. Then we saw Merida, and after we rode Dumbo, we saw Ariel with basically no wait behind the ride. Sienna was wearing a Pooh and Friends t-shirt, and Ariel knew all her friends. Sienna even asked about Sebastian on her own. We waited in line at the Princess festival. The first princess we saw was Belle. Sienna ran up to her calling "Dell!" Apparently that is her friend Addy's favorite princess at the moment, so that's probably where she learned that. We also saw Cinderella and Snow White there. Sienna introduced her Aurora doll as "I know you" and two out of three non-Aurora princesses got it.

On our way out, we saw Cruella. Waiting in line, listening to her interact with guests, and eating our caramel/chocolate coated marshmallow was the highlight of the trip. Sienna didn't know what to make of her, but Cruella was excited to see Sienna wearing tails, just like her.

Sienna has been seriously less defiant lately. In fact, just about everything she does is so downright adorable, I just want to squeeee her. She's confident in her swimming lessons. She introduced herself to a little girl on the bus. "I name Nenna. I two." She reenacts pieces of her favorite show (such as where Sven the reindeer licks the trolls face...) She's seriously just the most adorable thing on earth. I love her.

Shortest Disney Trip Ever: I picked Dalton up at school an hour early because he threw up in class. He spent the next 5 hours running around the house, so when it came time to pick up Maggie and go to Disneyland, I asked him 4 times how his tummy felt, and we headed out. As we were getting out of the car, he told me his tummy felt bad. Nice. We ended up driving back home, and he threw up about a mile from our house. Also, nice. Kids and the best laid plans are not a match made in heaven.

Disney with Jill: I managed to drag Dalton to Disneyland on Tuesday morning. Jill and I had planned on just taking Sienna, so having Dalton (lying in the stroller) wasn't a big stretch. He eventually perked up and we had a good time. We searched out some characters Jill wanted to see, then went to Toontown, where we verified that Sienna is now tall enough to ride Gadgets go-coaster. Awesome! She also went on Dumbo will Jill while Dalton began to make up for all the time spent not eating. While they were on Dumbo, Captain Hook came to find us, and Dalton scared him off with Swampy.

I took Sienna and Dalton home. Sienna took a nap and we went back to meet Jill for an evening jaunt. We watched the Pixar Play Parade, and Jill and Maggie went on Radiator Springs Racers in the single rider line. Then we played in Frozen Fun Land (first time ever sledding in flip flops, I think), danced at the dance party, got a treat and headed home. Jill was shocked that she had spent three entire days at Disney, since Tuesday was supposed to be the relaxed day. Fun times!

Double Date: John took Dalton to Disneyland after school. Since I didn't have to worry about picking him up from school, I took Sienna to Disneyland and spent the morning. It was really crowded, with Spring Breaks happening already, but we had fun. We did a few short things, and then waited 45 minutes in line for the princesses. The same princesses we saw (TWICE) last Saturday with no wait whatsoever. Oh well.

I got John and Dalton some fast passes, and John got me and Sienna some pretzels. We had lunch together and went on a couple little rides, then Sienna and I headed home.

Enough of That: I got dressed this morning, but Dalton ended up staying home from school sick. So Maggie had a ride to school and a ride home. Sienna's swim lesson was cancelled. Maggie has a ride to and from her musical performance tonight. I think I'll put my pajamas back on.

Fake Bath:
Me: where's Sienna?
Maggie: She's taking a fake bath.
Me: A fake bath?
Maggie: Yeah. She took off all her clothes and is playing with the bath toys in the tub.

The Exaggerating Mom:

AWT​: So, now that you are nearing the end of your mortal life, will you admit to having exaggerated?
FW​: I’ve always admitted to having exaggerated. It makes a better story.

Some of my mom's last words. She was infamous for her exaggerated stories, but the fact of the matter is, sometimes they were true! She had a lot of incredible stories and lived an incredible life. For example, the house of horrors she bought when I was at BYU. You can't make this stuff up.

Mother's Day: Last night John took us to Souplantation for a pre-Mother's Day dinner. Funny, I'd been thinking about that place and actually guessed where we were going even though we hadn't been there in forever.

This morning he made puffy pancakes for breakfast and cleaned the kitchen. Maggie had made me a darling corsage at Activity Days and Dalton made me a cute picture at school with reasons why he loves me. At church, I got to go to the Relief Society conference (and lunch!) instead of nursery.

After church John made a yummy lunch of salad and smoothies with ice cream for dessert while I lay in bed. Then I took a nap (sort of just fell asleep). He cleaned the kitchen again. He's so good at that.

Oh, he also bought us a fancy, comfy, ergonomic chair for the desk, which we sorely needed. I'm feeling very spoiled with all the not cooking.

I'm Pregnant: This morning I went to throw up my breakfast and next thing I knew Sienna was sliding her stool under my bum. She left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Very considerate.

Only Child: Sienna woke up grumpy from her nap.

Nenna go with daddy to get ice cream?
Mommy come.
If I come, Maggie and Dalton have to come.
Mommy stay here.

Bedtime Routine: Sienna's bedtime routine (created entirely by her) is approaching mental illness proportions. It includes no less than the following:

At every naptime and bedtime:
The room must be entirely clean
No toys on the floor
Certain toys in certain places
Nothing on the toy kitchen - everything must be inside
All doors and drawers (including to toys) must be completely closed
Certain toys (her new Minnie, anything belonging to her siblings) are not allowed in the room at all
If she remembers something out in another room, you must at least go pretend to put it away
All of her toys must be back in her room
The crib must contain blankie, Elsa, Aurora, Pluto, herself and nothing else
She must be wearing socks
She may not be wearing pigtails or clippies of any kind
She may occasionally demand a change of clothes, particularly after church
She must have a drink
No changes may be made to her room such as hanging new pictures, putting toys in different places
She must have a kiss

After I wrote this, I went upstairs to hear her crying (half an hour after I put her in bed). She wanted all the guys on her pop-up toy closed.

He's Got A Point: Why do I have to take a bath right after going swimming? A bath is the same thing as going swimming. You go underwater...

Stuff Sienna Says: Sienna has a lot of adorable phrases she uses that I love.

Want to watch parade
More Disneyland please
Just keep swimming
Hidden Mickey

And one I don't care for: Bad girl! Usually accompanied by hitting.

Half a Cup of Risotto : Apparently my half cup measuring cup has been missing for exactly as long as it's been since I made risotto. I figured Sienna threw it away months ago so I'm so happy to have found it!

Ball Game: John's boss gave him some tickets to an Angels game this afternoon. It was great timing since we weren't going to Disneyland and so many of the games are so late. The kids had a great time, even Sienna (for most of it) and we made it home for bedtime.

Dalton: take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and crackers there. I don't care if I never get there cause it's root root root for the home team. If they don't win it's a shame. For its one! Two! Three strikes you're out at the BALL!!!!!!

Me: you're crazy.
Sienna: I not crazy; I happy! I happy!

Movie Night: Movie night on a rainy Saturday with Pete's Dragon and homemade zebra popcorn. We've started watching random older movies after church on Sundays, but ran out of things to do today because of the rain. This morning, John took Dalton to Disneyland, Maggie had a birthday party at Sky High and Sienna and I went to Costco.

Done with Disney: Today was our last day at Disneyland for a while. We all got to pick a top thing to do today. Dalton picked Indiana Jones, which was only his second time. Maggie picked Space Mountain and John picked Splash Mountain. Sienna picked Snow White, which I made her go on even though she said she was scared. She got to pick lots of other things, too and I took her to meet the princesses. Belle, Snow White and Cinderella were all outside so she got to meet them all together. Everyone went on gadgets go-coaster, small world, haunted mansion and pooh all together.

My pick for the day, since I couldn't do any fun rides, was to try the fried pickles at Carnation Cafe. It was really fun to try a new restaurant. And the food was really good. The kids attacked their food, fruits and veggies and all. Sienna basically ate broccoli and cucumbers for lunch.

We're ready for a break, to spend our Saturdays doing fun and different, new things. And relaxing. We had 104 Disney days in the past year, including 9 days at WDW because Dalton was desperate to be over 100. Quite a bit more than the 81 last time, but last time we lived in Utah for 9 weeks, plus I was pregnant or had a newborn the entire time. We paid $1400 out of pocket for our tickets, which brings each visit down to under $14. Not bad! We're already saving gift cards for next time.

Early Pregnancy Woes: This, my fifth pregnancy, has been the roughest. I went for an ultrasound at 7 weeks only to find out I was only six weeks, so I started getting sick much earlier. It also lasted much longer. On the bright side, they adjusted my due date for the first time, so maybe this baby won't be so "late." Some notes from early on.

7 weeks
I've been gagging every day for two weeks and the kids haven't noticed. I think that's a testament to the kind of winter we've had.
8 weeks
Keeping a stool in the bathroom has never seemed so brilliant.
8 weeks 4 days
My search for unscented deodorant that was actually unscented finally ended. Sheesh. Also: unscented face wash.
9 weeks
Even a stomach bug winter like we've had can't hide the truth from Maggie. She asked if I was sick from a baby in my tummy. After I threw up in the car.
9 weeks 3 days
Dalton has begun starting sentences with "after you throw up..."
9 weeks 6 days
You can't go on Big Thunder Mountain. You're sick, you might throw up on the ride.
10 weeks 4 days
I had to change my shirt because it smelled like Mexican food
10 weeks 5 days
I had to change my shirt because it smelled like French fries

Etc. finally started feeling better around 16 weeks, and off zofran around 18. I was also super paranoid because the doctor had trouble finding the baby's heartbeat a few times, just because s/he was hiding. Now I can feel him/her move a lot (my favorite part of pregnancy) and other than being tired and short of breath, I'm in the pregnancy sweet spot and doing my best to enjoy it.

Daltonisms: A few cute words Dalton uses:

broccimoli (guacamole)
Rain nacho (poncho)
Ohming (aiming)
Lala (voila)
Google quack (googolplex)

He also still says "keycause" which is the cutest ever. Whenever Maggie corrects his pronunciation on something we say, "Be piet, Maggie!" She hates it, haha.

Up and Down: Today was remarkably productive (at least remarkable to me, to myself, in my blog, especially since I slept terribly last night and I have a cold and I'm pregnant (though pregnancy doesn't have much bearing since I finally stopped throwing up)).

Signed the kids up for gymnastics camp
Went to the dollar store
Made snow cones
Attempted potty training
Cleaned out under the stairs
Organized the kids' craft supplies
Cleaned out some stuff in the garage
Cleaned out the pantry
Made homemade chicken stock
Sort of cleaned the bathrooms
Made homemade pizza for dinner

Then I crashed. Think I'll lie around the rest of the evening.

Late Night:

D: Where's Daddy?
Me: He's downstairs working.
D: But he just got home from work!

I know, right? Poor John.

I Love Being Pregnant: I've hit that wonderful place in pregnancy (apparently much shorter this time) where I feel great! Morning sickness, 6-18 weeks this time, is over. I have triple the energy of the first few months, where I took a nap every day for three months. My back doesn't hurt. I'm sleeping ok. I have clothes that fit.

Yesterday Maggie and I did the penguin encounter at the aquarium. We only had two tickets and John wanted me to go because sometimes I miss out on stuff. Like super scary roller coasters at Lagoon. It was really nice to sit and fully participate in a fun activity like that. Maggie, the bird lover that she is, thought it was amazing and learned so much.

Tomorrow, we are hiking to Timp Cave. This won't be the first time I've done it 6 months pregnant, but John pointed out that last time, we weren't living at sea level.

Ants: We came home from Utah to a little trail of ants in our kitchen. Our faithful pest control company came out to take care of it today, and do general inside spraying to keep the drought-disturbed spiders from intruding. Minutes after we put Sienna in bed she started screaming "Ant! Ant!" Sure enough there was a little ant crawling on her wall. The third time it happened, John and I investigated further, including John taking the cover off the electrical outlet, but we didn't find anything. We can only assume they made their way upstairs on her blanket or something, since her bedroom is about as far as possible from their entry point in the kitchen.

Poor little Nen is terrified of ants, though she enjoys watching them from a distance. Outside.

First Cookies: Maggie made no-bake cookies last night, with a little help from me. This was her first time reading a recipe, using the stove, actually making something from scratch on her own. She did a good job. We are always trying to increase our kids' independence, so I hope it's the start of a new trend.

What To Do All Day: School is back in session and I am already wondering what I did with my time last year. I worked, this is true. I also had to run errands during the time Dalton was at school, because Sienna napped after we picked him up. But we now have the morning free to run errands and she naps around 2:30, leaving the early afternoon and late morning free to... Play toys. And stuff.

Today I had a doctor appointment after Maggie went off to school. I dropped the kinder kids off. Read a book to Sienna. Played on my phone while Sienna did Legos. Played piano. Read scriptures. Prepped dinner. Did dishes and tidied up the kitchen. Searched for toy animals with penguin binoculars. Ate lunch. Colored with Sienna. Cleaned up Sienna's room. Set up the kiddie pool in Sienna's room for her stuffed animals. Pretended to ride teacups on the kiddie pool. Dalton's been in school for two hours.

I need to get started on some bigger projects, and also work on Maggie's Halloween costume, but I keep forgetting to consult with her on it.

That Mom Thing: Last night I was thinking about having a little newborn and waking up in the night. It's amazing how I can sleep through John's alarm and getting ready (including our crazy noisy shower door) but a little newborn peep can wake me from another room.

20 minutes later, I went to wake Maggie for her evening potty break and as soon as I went into the hallway, I could tell that Sienna had made a dirty diaper in her sleep. With the door closed, and the recently-put-out candle in the air, I could still tell.

Dalton wonders how I can tell if he didn't brush his teeth, or scrub his hands well enough, or is wearing yesterday's dirty socks, or didn't finish the food he was supposed to eat in the other room.

These are the mom things.

Labor: John had to work most of today. I dragged the kids to Walmart in the morning and prepped food for our BBQ. Then we went swimming for a couple hours. Maggie and Dalton fought over which boogie board they got so I had to clip them down and we didn't bring either one. Some neighborhood friends were there, but they had fun with each other.

After swimming, Sienna napped and the kids played while I cooked, cleaned and made a tutu for Maggie's Halloween costume. When Sienna got up, I turned on Totoro for them, because Sienna hasn't really seen it. Then we went to our neighbor's house with way too much delicious food and has a great time.

Potty Training Take 2: I attempted to potty train Sienna a couple weeks ago. We did underwear for 5 days, she had three accidents (in the first two days) and peed in the toilet ZERO times. She held it as long as 7 hours, until I put a diaper on for nap or bedtime. Alrighty then.

Yesterday John promised her a My Little Pony if she peed in the potty. She seemed interested in that, so we gave it another go today. Success! She went twice in the toilet, and had no accidents (because, bladder of steel). After the first time, we immediately went to Target where she picked out a Rainbow Dash toy. (We may have been headed to Target anyway.) Here's hoping it keeps up!

Also, I'm amazed that she is still napping. In fact, she is very into her naps. She slept over 3 hours today, and went down like no big deal (after all her sleep prerequisites were met, of course). She also regularly announces that she's not going night-night (ie. I need a nap now!).

Some slight changes to her bedtime routine: She's in a bed now, or at least a mattress on the floor. She's accepted that she may need a different pillowcase or sheet if one is dirty. She sleeps with her Frozen blankie and a fat red car. And she likes to "kiss your back", by which she means "cheek."

Good Morning Day!: When I heard Sienna wake up, I headed upstairs. She met me at the top of the stairs and said this in succession:

I wake up, mom!
It's a good morning day!
I go pee pee in the potty.
There's my room! (On the way to the potty.)

So potty training's going well. She's only had one accident since we started try two. It's definitely a Good Morning Day.

Sea Me 34: For my birthday, John planned a special date with each of the kids and a family date. Maggie picked bowling, Dalton mini golf, Sienna Minions movie, and our family date was to Sea World. Bonus: Sea World is buy a day, get the rest of the year free. We went down today. Dalton and I also got to participate in the dolphin encounter. Since I couldn't go on any of the rides. That was definitely the highlight of the visit. We got to pet the dolphin, do hand signals to interact, feed her some fish, dance with her and more. She was a silly thing, talking, nodding and interacting. We were laughing the whole time.

We also saw the orca show and the pet show. I enjoyed the pet show. There were high-wire kitties, sign changing pigs, sneaky dogs and more. The orca show was a little disappointing. The one ride I was able to go on was the bay gondola, which was very pleasant. We also really enjoyed the petting pools. You can pet sharks, rays, cleaner fish and more. We paid $5 for little fish to feed the bat rays which was John's favorite part. Maggie loved the cleaner fish, and actually remembered doing the fish spa at the aquarium in Bangkok.

Overall a very nice day and birthday celebration.

Oh, we also dressed as pirates and stopped at Krispy Kreme for four free dozen donuts. (Sienna wouldn't dress up). And since we were early, we stopped at a lookout along the freeway and made friends with dozens of ground squirrels.

Butterfly Antenna: What color Diana did Sienna's friends have?
What's a Diana?
A pipe cleaner? Oh, antenna??
Silly Dalt.

Candy Corn Poopie: Sienna has mysteriously started saying "poopie" for the word "clippie", as in hair clippie. It has led to some funny sentences, like telling her friend's mom that she has an "Anna poopie", or asking me to get the poopie out of her hair.

Come Ye Children of My Mom: I thought of my mom at women's conference when we sang Come Ye Children of the Lord. I really like that hymn, but I always chuckle a little bit on the third verse.

Skinny Sienna: Sienna got weighed for her flu shot this week, and then I found her paper from her 24 month appointment. Her appointment was actually at 25 months, so in the last 9 months, she went from 25 pounds to 27. The 24 month paper says she was 34 inches and she's now close to 38. I can't believe she's only gained 2 pounds. I guess she wasn't wearing a diaper this time around.

Wednesdays: Sienna has started a little "preschool" co-op every Wednesday. My Wednesdays now look like this:

9:30 Sienna drop off
11:00 Dalton drop off
12:00 Sienna pick up
1:00 Maggie gets out
2:20 Dalton pick up

Plus every other week Maggie has Activity Days from 2:30-3:30.

Add in driving time, and there's very little else to do. It looks like I get an hour and a half alone with Dalton (minus driving time...) but I've been having to schedule my OB visits during that time every other week (and soon every week). It also looks like I get an hour to myself every Wednesday. Minus driving time. I have to remind myself that I'm doing this for Sienna and not for the two and a half hours alone time, because Not. Also, every few weeks preschool is at our house and that's just silly.

Sealed and Delivered: John signed us up for our ward sealing assignment at the temple. We had one of our Primary kids (now 12) babysit. It was at a weird time, so we didn't get to go to dinner, but we grabbed smoothies after. It was nice to do sealings because it's more low key than doing a session, and easier for pregnant people.

We went to do sealings when I was pregnant with Dalton. On my birthday, so three weeks before he was born. I had somehow forgotten to seal my grandparents and we decided to hurry and get it done before another baby made it even more difficult to get to the temple. I believe that is the time we also sealed my great-great-grandma Susanna, and her husband, John.

Sienna Beeps: We went car shopping tonight while the older kids went to the movie night at school with our neighbors. Sienna enjoyed "driving" the vans we looked at. I laughed out loud when she hit the horn on a Toyota Sienna. Sienna-Beep beeping the Sienna.

Boring Old Five: Dalton: I'm almost six. It's so boring being almost another age.

Write Like an Egyptian: What do you put at the end of a sentence?
Dalton: a pyramid.

Best Wishes: Dalton has enjoyed spending hours pouring over My Little Pony toys and Lego Minecraft on Amazon, so I was pleasantly surprised when he busted out with this, two days before his birthday.

What I want for my birthday is for nobody to ever get sick again.

Birthday Golf: Today was my last one-on-one birthday date with my kids. Dalton picked mini-golf. We had a great time and are pretty evenly matched; I won by one point. They didn't tell me Dalton was free until after I added the points to my card, so we also played some arcade games, and got some treats with our ticket winnings. We both had a great time. It was a good idea (John's) to go tonight as the sun went down because that place has no shade in the morning, and they don't open until 11.

The birthday dates were also John's idea, and very fun. Thanks, hon!

Dalton at Six: Dalton turned SIX this week! Here are some Dalton tidbits to go all the with the Daltonisms I'm always blogging.

He likes My Little Pony, Minecraft and other video games on Wii or his "iPad", playing Lego (building houses or race tracks), "reading" books out loud to me, doing homework, and drawing in a notebook.

He is always the first to volunteer to help with something. He likes to "clip up" and earn his rewards (screen time and treats). He is taking tennis lessons, along with Maggie right now. He loves school and eagerly does his homework. He is a very sweet brother, going along with Maggie's bossy games and helping Sienna with all the things. He's a good eager and likes most foods except fish and cheese. He likes a good variety of veggies.

Dalton is the sweetest most thoughtful boy we could ask for. It's almost sad to see him grow up, but overall he seems to be keeping his kind, easygoing personality.

For his birthday we got him a stuffed my little pony, notebooks and a dry erase board for coloring, treats, and my little pony socks. He got a Wii game from uncle Leonard (Wii sports, kids especially loved the tennis game since they are learning) a snorkel set from aunt Rachel, clothes from aunt Jamie and Aladdin movie from grandpa and grandma. We watched the movie all together that night, everyone loved it. He had a bowling party with most of his primary class and one friend from school. It was lots of fun! I made bowling ball cupcakes and we gave all his friends a mini bowling set. They had a great time.

No, I Nenna!: The other day, a grocery store clerk called Sienna "pumpkin" and she went around the rest of the day saying "I not a pumpkin!" This is a typical argument for her. I just said "you're adorable." And she said "you're adorable. I Senna!"

Pending Delivery: 6 weeks feels like a whole lot less than 7.

Extra Chores: Today Dalton did an awesome job of clipping up on our clipchart, and I had a lot of jobs that needed to be done, so I made a list of chores the kids could do to earn $.25 each, after clipping up to the top of the chart. Maggie clipped up to the top of the chart. Dalton earned $1.50.

New Car, Blue Car: After a week of excessive effort, we finally replaced our RAV4 with a Honda Odyssey. Really nice things about it/having a van in general:

sliding doors the kids can operate
more space
smart key
backup camera
huge gas tank
leather seats
room for 8
pretty blue color

Basically, there's just lots of space, fancy technology, and it's easy and convenient. We really like it so far!

My Best Girls: What if we have another girl and I have to have three best girls?
Maggie: That's your problem.

Little Life: One of my favorite things, not just about pregnancy, but life in general, is feeling a baby move inside of me. If you think about it too hard, it's sort of creepy. But I really love it. A little creature, living and wiggling inside of me. It's a sweet, wonderful feeling, ocassional discomfort aside. I'm able to appreciate it even more this time because I've escaped most third trimester maladies thus far, including night time wakefulness.

And By That She Means "iPad": Maggie: Does there have to be a such thing as homework? It just wastes your family fun time.

2 Band-Aids and 7: Poor Nen has had a rough week. She's tripped on the sidewalk/her flipflops at least three times and ended up with skinned knees. And she slid on sandy sidewalk twice, once landing flat on her back and bonking her head, and the other time scraping her arm, her knee (again) and her foot. On the way home from the park she asked for "2 band-aids and 7", because "1, 2, 7." (That's how she counts.)

How Rude:
Maggie: Why were you in your room with the door closed?
Me: Because I was upset at the way my kids were behaving.
Maggie: Hmm. You can go back in.

And later tonight, she beat me at Scrabble by 75 points.

Overdone: Other than being constantly short of breath, I feel pretty good for 8 months pregnant. However, yesterday I way outdid myself in the morning and basically couldn't do anything else the rest of the day. I had to meet someone at the school to make my copies for box tops at 8:20. Then I spent two hours counting and sorting with another volunteer. Then, after kinder drop off, Sienna and I spent an hour and a half doing grocery shopping. By the time we got home, it was 1:00. We had lunch and both took a nap. But even so, I was exhausted the rest of the day.

Luckily, today was better - I was afraid I'd never recover. Also, today I got to go to the temple to do some initiatories and that was very refreshing.

: Yesterday's post reminded me of something I've been thinking about lately. About three years ago, when I was pregnant with Sienna, a friend with a newborn told me that I'd have more energy after the baby was born, even being up all night, than being pregnant. It's true. Music to my energy-less ears.

Burn, Baby, Burn: I managed to burn my belly on a hot pan on the stove. I texted my friend about it thinking, "surely I'm not the only person to have done this." Just as I got her reply telling me she's totally done that before, I realized, I think I have done that before. Poor belly. One more month! (ish)

Dress Up, Already: I think adults who don't dress up for Halloween are lame. You don't need to rent a full body costume. Put on some ears or get a t shirt. It's not that hard. And you can get something you can use every year. Even if you don't have kids, cool adults dress up. But it's particularly sad for adults to take really small kids trick or treating without any effort.

Oh, Hello Fall: 'Bout time you showed up. I just stepped outside and it's sprinkling. The temperature dropped. It's pleasant. Yay.

Swimming in the Rain - Again: Not long after I posted my last blog post about the rain, John suggested a swim. I forgot it was raining until we went to get in the car. Hah. It turned into more of a hot tub jaunt, though everyone but me did get in the pool. Another successful swim in the rain!

Grandparents : We are watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

John: There are the grandmas and grandpas!
Dalton: But there are four!

Dry Humor: Walking along the boardwalk at Newport Beach tonight, I got offered a beer for the first time in my life. By a shirtless guy in a cowboy hat, no less. I related it to John.

John: But you're pregnant.
Me: Obviously it was a joke. A drunk joke.
John: I guess my sense of humor is too dry for that.

Switch: Today started off with a stuffed my little pony getting her leg ripped off in a fight. By the time we got home from church, Dalton and Sienna's stuffed was switched (John was home sick). John convinced Dalton it was a girls room and a boys room, so hopefully he isn't mad if a baby girl ends up in there with him. Sienna didn't nap but seems to be ok with the move in general. She's been on a mattress on the floor, so we'll see if she falls out of the bed now!

December Baby: We've decided a December baby would be nice. And reasonable. That's 10 days after my due date, which was moved back 7 days. Surely an extra 17 days of baking is enough?

0-4 Kids: A friend offered to watch our kids so we could have one more date night before the baby comes. We went to Stonefire Grill, and not only was the food amazing, it was sooo nice to eat without the kids around. Especially because, after a day of listening to Dalton whine at sea world, and on the way home, and then both of them fighting for an hour when we got home, they were on my nerves!

After dinner we went to Target to get the few baby things we needed: crib sheets, newborn diapers, baby wash. That's about it. We are pretty much set now.

Sienna Turns 3 (Sort Of): We celebrated Sienna's birthday early today. We had a play date party for her with our usual preschool friends, and lots of other little church friends at the park. I brought ride on cars and sand toys and the kids just played for several hours. I also made My Little Pony cupcakes that turned out adorable. All Sienna wanted for her birthday was for her friends to sing to her. We did round one with John before he had to work, and before Dalton and the other kinders went to school. Then she had more friends join us at the park and we sang to her again! We also gave the kids the last three cupcakes after dinner and sang to her a third time. And it's not even her birthday.

I think her gifts tell a lot about her as she turns three.

Rainbow Dash sweatshirt
Four pairs of socks, especially needed since she won't wear any she has. Ariel, Minions, owl, and Rainbow Dash
Snoopy shirt
That's Not My Penguin book
Dr. Suess book
Princess Anna plush doll (bought by grandma and grandpa... Looooves it)
Play mat that came with the tiny ponies we used on her cupcakes

Love my Nenna Girl.

Dreams Come True: As I was tucking Sienna into bed, she looked out the window and said, "my dreams didn't come true. I want to be and my dreams, and they didn't come true." "I want to be" is a phrase she goes around singing over and over (and over). John says the kids watched a My Little Pony episode this morning about dreams so maybe that's where she got the idea.

Sienna's 3rd Birthday Interview: I was cleaning out my desk today and found a birthday interview. I figured I'd try it with Sienna since it's actually her birthday.

Favorite person in the whole world: Grandma
Favorite color: Anna and Elsa (That's not a color: Purple)
Favorite Show: Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Favorite Clothes: Snoopy
Favorite Song: Pumpkin King
Best Friend: Aubrey's my best friend. And Aubrey needs a time out.
Favorite Book: Penguin
Favorite Food: Toasties (frozen french toast sticks)
Favorite Ice Cream: Pink
What do you like to do with your friends: Someone hit me in the eyeball.
What do you want to be when you grow up: I want to grow up with my blankie.
Favorite Animal: Hippo (this one is actually accurate)

These basically reflect her thoughts at this exact moment. Lying on her blankie, wearing her new Snoopy shirt and reading her new penguin book and obsessed with Grandma who bought her an Anna doll for her birthday and asking to watch Nightmare Before Christmas.

[Comments] (1) Happy Due Date: A Chadwick baby is never late. Nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to.

(This post has been saved as a draft on my blog since November 20, 2012. Seems applicable today as well.)

Thanksgiving Menu:
Turkey breast tenderloin (pre seasoned)
Rolls (store bought)
Mom's sweet potato casserole
Mashed potatoes (the only thing I made)
Brussels sprouts with bacon
Cranberry raspberry smoothie
Fresh raspberries
Canned cranberry jelly
Turkey cheeseball
Peach jello jigglers
Dried snap peas
Banana boats for dessert

Unfortunately, Maggie is sick and Sienna was ready for s nap so neither of them enjoyed the meal much. But the rest of us did!

Baby Boy Birth Story: I really wanted to go into labor on my own with baby #4. Other than that wish being granted, this birth was very similar to the others. I could tell for the previous couple days that I was dilating and things were moving along. Stronger contractions etc. I woke up at 2:30 Black Friday morning feeling like I was having constant painful contractions. I timed a few at 4 minutes, then we headed out to the hospital. My awesomest neighbor came to stay with the kids.

By the time we got to the hospital (3:30 ish) my contractions were really hurting. Luckily I was dilated to a four and they admitted me. I got an epidural (yay) pretty soon and we tried to sleep. I went through three doctors this pregnancy (one retired, one had a baby) and two more at the hospital since it was a holiday. Oh well. The first broke my water. Around 7:45 I was at a 6 and the nurse said she'd be back in 20 minutes and start a tiny bit of pitocin if my contractions weren't more regular. She came back an hour later and said I was at a 10. The next doctor came in for a trial push and I kept saying, "seriously, don't you want the ped nurses in here?" Sure enough, 1 1/2 pushes later they were scrambling to get th baby birth team in there.

Baby boy came out nice and easy. Other than being 6-13 days late and swallowing lots of thick meconium. He had his stomach pumped and kept spitting more up, but that hasn't stopped him from being a champion eater.

11/27/15 9:09 am 8 lb 7 oz 21 inches long

First Four Kids Fail: Minutes after John walked out the hospital door to pull up the van, Sienna fell off the chair in the lobby and hit her head on the wall. I was sitting in a wheelchair holding Arthur and couldn't even get her. Luckily the "grandma" nurse was good enough for some hugs for her.

First Night: I recently read about our first night home from the hospital with Dalton and how terrible it was. The first night home with Arthur was also pretty bad. John held him while I took a nap from 8-10 pm and I was up after that until about 3:30. He ate, spit up, pooped, ate again, fussed whenever I put him down, and then around 1:30 entered crying for no reason mode. This is the first time I think I've ever prayed for half an hour of sleep. But I got it! I slept from about 2-2:30 and after that feeding, he finally settled down for a few hours.

The next day he basically slept from 9 am until 11 am the next day. His second night he woke up every two hours to eat, but that was totally doable after the precious night.

Newborn slee habits aside, Arthur is the sweetest thing. He doesn't have his eyes open much, but he did have some restful alertness today and enjoys listening to his brother, sisters, and daddy talk.

Ironically, I am up writing this because our third night is looking more like our first. Oh well.

R is for Salad:
Dalton: what does that say? (Pointing to a bottle of ranch dressing)
Me: it says "salad dressing."
Dalton: so you can't sound out "salad" because it starts with an R.

It's like all your parenting lies get exposed when your kid learns how to read.

Peace and Pain: I'm not sure I've ever known the luxury of nursing a newborn while the toddler took a NAP. Sienna and her awesome napping skills, combined with an exhausting play date she went on this morning. My other kids are playing at the neighbor's, so the house is quiet.

Luxury is relative though. Getting a newborn to latch while Sienna was barking at me and while trying to give Dalton verbal directions to find the socks he wanted in a giant pile, ranks among my most painful parenting moments.

Arthur at 1 Week: Arthur had his one week appointment with the pediatrician this morning. He's gained 12 ounces since we left the hospital! He's now 8 lb 13 ounces and such a good eater. He wakes up about three times/ night and refuses to go back to sleep for one of them. On average. Hard to say since it's only been a week! John being home a few mornings this week so I could get some sleep helped immensely.

Most of the time, he's either asleep or happy. He hasn't minded the two car trips we took, or his one bath, but he cries during diaper changes. Even the time he refuses to go back to sleep in the night he is usually pretty mellow, but last night he fussed for most of it.

Feeding him is less painful than I remember with the others. We're doing a bottle once a day and I think he's already had more from a bottle than Dalton and Sienna combined. Overall, he's a great baby so far.

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby: And then the pediatrician said, "are you waking him up to feed him?" And I was like, "are you freaking kidding me?"

I Do What I Must: I've been having a rougher recovery with Arthur. Sore, no matter how little I try to do, and bored from doing so little. Then a friend reminded me that I have narcotics. Today was much better! I did whatever I wanted and actually got a lot done around the house, and took a pain-free walk around the neighborhood.

For his part, Arthur has been waking twice a night and taking one long nap during the day. And so have I.

Why and Because: Sienna is a little confused about the why and how of things. If you ask her why she is doing something, she'll repeat that she's doing it, as an explanation. Like so.

Why are you wet?
Because I'm all wet!

Why are your pants inside out?
Because they're inside out!

Why did the bear eat all the muffins?
Because he ate all the muffins.

You get the idea.

Asleep, Asleep: Today I left the house by myself with all four kids. I've hardly even had all four at home with me because John's been helping, and they've been gone a lot (school, and play dates for Sienna). But the kids all had dentist appointments after school so I dragged us all. And Arthur slept in his car seat the entire two hours.

Sienna was reluctant to open her mouth, but eventually overcame her shyness and let the hygienist clean her teeth with the rotating brush and everything. She got a Cinderella toothbrush out of the deal.

Everyone also got dragged to Maggie's piano recital. Maggie did wonderful, especially on the song she'd only been practicing for a week. Arthur slept through the whole thing. Sienna wasn't as crazy as I thought she might be. She didn't have a nap because she went to Disney on Ice (Frozen) with a bunch of her little friends today. One of the moms who was there saw me at the recital and complimented her behavior. She's definitely better behaved than a lot of kids!

Sleep: It's All Relative: Yesterday I took a nap, sort of, for about an hour. I was snuggling Arthur. Maggie and Dalton were home, downstairs playing nicely. I was texting various people, and taking phone calls from Walgreens about my prescription. So it wasn't like I lay down in a quiet room and slept soundly for an hour. But when I got up I was amazingly refreshed. I was actually amazed at the difference.

Last night I got up twice with Arthur, not unusual. He woke up at 11:45 for a little over an hour, and 4:15 for about 45 minutes. Since I went to be (and fell sound asleep) at 8:30 and didn't get up until 7:30, I apparently got 9 hours of sleep! Again, I felt great all morning (it eventually wore off and I had to make do with a 20 minute nap before Arthur woke up). A little sleep can work wonders.

Arthur is a pretty good sleeper most of the time. A newborn that only wakes twice in the night is awesome. Two nights ago he woke up four times, so it's no guarantee, but when three consecutive hours of sleep is a blessing, I'll take it! He likes to be held a lot during the day and I can usually only get him to let me put him down for one long nap (which is why I often end up holding him while I nap).

Speaking of Arthur, he has amazingly rolled off his tummy every time I've put him there, maybe five times. He pulls onto his side from is back too. No leaving this one unattended! He's also started making adorable "ah!" sounds.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!: Over the past few years, "my brother is coming!" has become synonymous with "it's almost Christmas!" in the way that a snowfall might (somewhere else). My brother is coming today!

Knott's Merry Farm: For Christmas, we bought Leonard, Sumana, Rachel and Brett tickets to Knott's Berry Farm. We thought an activity like that would be fun as a family, plus we're all adults and can buy whatever we want, so stuff Christmas gifts aren't as fun. Sadly, the weather apps failed us and it was indeed raining when we got there, and the entire morning. We got wet and the kids wanted to go home when we went to get lunch. Luckily, after one more shower, it started dying out and the sun even came out. We started to watch the 2 minute snowfall in Ghost Town and had churro sundaes and giant ice cream cookiewiches. So overall it was a success.

We got to see Snoopy Santa, the big kids got to do some roller coasters, and John even took Sienna off by herself to do some Nenna rides with daddy. I got to go on a roller coaster for the first time in quite a while (maybe since I snuck my pregnant belly on mine train at WDW?) I went on Pony Express, where you actually sit on a pony and goon the roller coaster. Which is hilarious and also kind of awesome.

We got annual passes for next year so we'll get to go back, and I think everyone else had a fun day overall, too.

Need More Sleep: Arthur might have slept well the first half of the night, but we were up arguing with Maggie who was throwing up. And then he was up for 5-8 his second time. Just when I thought the world might implode, everyone went hiking, I slept for two hours with a baby on my arm in a quiet house, and John brought me back a donut and a pina colada bowl. I can make it through another day.

Silent Night: I didn't get enough Christmas Carol singing this season, probably because I haven't been to church since Thanksgiving. Silent Night is not one of my favorite songs, but it gained some meaning for me this year. This phrase "Shepherds quake at the sight" stood out to me. Can you imagine being a witness to the Savior's birth? Actually seeing the baby Jesus? I would be quaking, too. How amazing and wonderful. The scene where Mr. Kruger imagines this is John's favorite.

I don't understand everything in the third verse, but it made for something beautiful and interesting to ponder while I'm snuggling my own newborn child of God.

Silent Night, Holy Night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus, Lord at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord at Thy birth.

Arthur at 1 Month: It's already been 1 month since Arthur made his entrance in our lives. This morning he projectile vomited so much milk, it came out his nose. So we'll start with that.

He is still sleeping well in his crib at night, usually waking twice. This seems like I should be less tired than I am, but I'm not. I think the odd night where he wakes up four times, or stays up for two hours keeps me in sleep debt. Luckily, John is home enough to keep me from losing it. Arthur doesn't like to be put down much during the day (even for naps), but he has more happy-lying-here time every day. Sometimes he'll lie there for an hour while I get stuff done. Still loves being swaddled. A good swaddle and a walk around the room will put him to sleep if he's tired.

He rolls from tummy to back. He's been doing this since his first tummy time around 1 week, which is crazy! All our babies have been strong and had good head support but not like this. He is the joy of his sisters' lives. Sienna adores him, brings him toys and blankies, and I have had to employ Maggie as a babysitter for the sole purpose of making sure Sienna doesn't smother him with love.

Fat, Tired, and In Pain: I went to the doctor this morning. Apparently I haven't even lost 20 pounds. Only 45 to go! Of course, before I left I was thinking how I'm not even worried about that because all-the-reasons-I-was-at-the-doctor. On the bright side, Arthur (who woke me up six times last night) slept through the doctor and a very relaxing Target shopping trip. John took the kids to Sea World so it's just the two of us. Hoping to run some more errands, or maybe get a nice nap together.

2015: Maggie was baptized, and learned to ice skate, ride a bike and multiply.
Dalton started kindergarten.
Sienna got her own social life with "pee-school", potty trained, became a big sister, and turned on to the good side of spunk.
I grew and birthed a baby, and made our Halloween costumes.
John worked a lot, organized our annual Flashlight Easter Egg hunt and our Christmas service project, and worked hard at his Gospel Doctrine calling.
Arthur learned how to roll over. (That's it, still waiting for smiles!)

We made dozens of Disneyland trips, and spent 9 days at Disney World. We got to go to Utah in the summer for a change and enjoy time with family, Lagoon, and the great outdoors. We interacted with penguins, dolphins, and beluga whales. We bought a van. We spent lots of time at the beach (but not enough, I think), lots of time at the pool, and really a lot of time in the hot tub. We did a lot of hiking and family walks, now bike rides (thanks Santa!) The kids took a little gymnastics, then roller skating and ice skating for Maggie, and tennis for both in the fall.

It's been a busy, eventful year. I'm expecting things to be more laid back next year, with four kids, no plans for the kids' activities and a very low-key vacation planned. We also plan to go to Utah twice, but everyone knows that doesn't count as a vacation. I do hope to get to the beach more. We'll see how that goes with a baby.



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