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[No comments] : Another trip to Utah, another round of sick kids. Maggie and Sienna both started throwing up Tuesday night. Sienna was basically fine after that, but Maggie basically lay in bed the next two days. she missed the New Year's Eve party where we played tel-tionary (hilarious).

On Thursday I took her to the urgent care because she was also complaining that her ear hurt. Apparently, ear infections are strongly associated with a couple types of stomach bugs (which explains why Dalton had the same thing a couple weeks back). So, she had a really bad double ear infection on top of the tummy troubles. Three trips to Walgreens got us chewable ibuprofen, anti-nausea, Benadryl for car sickness, and antibiotics. We cleaned her up for family pictures in the state Capitol building. We had to spend some time waiting, but the kids had fun running around with their cousins. Except for Maggie who slept on the marble floor. With a pillow her smart daddy brought.

After the pictures we had Su Casa and Waffle Luv food truck for dinner. Yum. Splitting the drive with a stop in Vegas means we didn't have to get up early, but four days of driving is a waste of time. We're flying next time.

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