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[No comments] Bedtime Routine: Sienna's bedtime routine (created entirely by her) is approaching mental illness proportions. It includes no less than the following:

At every naptime and bedtime:
The room must be entirely clean
No toys on the floor
Certain toys in certain places
Nothing on the toy kitchen - everything must be inside
All doors and drawers (including to toys) must be completely closed
Certain toys (her new Minnie, anything belonging to her siblings) are not allowed in the room at all
If she remembers something out in another room, you must at least go pretend to put it away
All of her toys must be back in her room
The crib must contain blankie, Elsa, Aurora, Pluto, herself and nothing else
She must be wearing socks
She may not be wearing pigtails or clippies of any kind
She may occasionally demand a change of clothes, particularly after church
She must have a drink
No changes may be made to her room such as hanging new pictures, putting toys in different places
She must have a kiss

After I wrote this, I went upstairs to hear her crying (half an hour after I put her in bed). She wanted all the guys on her pop-up toy closed.

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