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Daltonisms: A few cute words Dalton uses:

broccimoli (guacamole)
Rain nacho (poncho)
Ohming (aiming)
Lala (voila)
Google quack (googolplex)

He also still says "keycause" which is the cutest ever. Whenever Maggie corrects his pronunciation on something we say, "Be piet, Maggie!" She hates it, haha.

Up and Down: Today was remarkably productive (at least remarkable to me, to myself, in my blog, especially since I slept terribly last night and I have a cold and I'm pregnant (though pregnancy doesn't have much bearing since I finally stopped throwing up)).

Signed the kids up for gymnastics camp
Went to the dollar store
Made snow cones
Attempted potty training
Cleaned out under the stairs
Organized the kids' craft supplies
Cleaned out some stuff in the garage
Cleaned out the pantry
Made homemade chicken stock
Sort of cleaned the bathrooms
Made homemade pizza for dinner

Then I crashed. Think I'll lie around the rest of the evening.

Late Night:

D: Where's Daddy?
Me: He's downstairs working.
D: But he just got home from work!

I know, right? Poor John.

I Love Being Pregnant: I've hit that wonderful place in pregnancy (apparently much shorter this time) where I feel great! Morning sickness, 6-18 weeks this time, is over. I have triple the energy of the first few months, where I took a nap every day for three months. My back doesn't hurt. I'm sleeping ok. I have clothes that fit.

Yesterday Maggie and I did the penguin encounter at the aquarium. We only had two tickets and John wanted me to go because sometimes I miss out on stuff. Like super scary roller coasters at Lagoon. It was really nice to sit and fully participate in a fun activity like that. Maggie, the bird lover that she is, thought it was amazing and learned so much.

Tomorrow, we are hiking to Timp Cave. This won't be the first time I've done it 6 months pregnant, but John pointed out that last time, we weren't living at sea level.

Ants: We came home from Utah to a little trail of ants in our kitchen. Our faithful pest control company came out to take care of it today, and do general inside spraying to keep the drought-disturbed spiders from intruding. Minutes after we put Sienna in bed she started screaming "Ant! Ant!" Sure enough there was a little ant crawling on her wall. The third time it happened, John and I investigated further, including John taking the cover off the electrical outlet, but we didn't find anything. We can only assume they made their way upstairs on her blanket or something, since her bedroom is about as far as possible from their entry point in the kitchen.

Poor little Nen is terrified of ants, though she enjoys watching them from a distance. Outside.


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