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[No comments] Dalton at Six: Dalton turned SIX this week! Here are some Dalton tidbits to go all the with the Daltonisms I'm always blogging.

He likes My Little Pony, Minecraft and other video games on Wii or his "iPad", playing Lego (building houses or race tracks), "reading" books out loud to me, doing homework, and drawing in a notebook.

He is always the first to volunteer to help with something. He likes to "clip up" and earn his rewards (screen time and treats). He is taking tennis lessons, along with Maggie right now. He loves school and eagerly does his homework. He is a very sweet brother, going along with Maggie's bossy games and helping Sienna with all the things. He's a good eager and likes most foods except fish and cheese. He likes a good variety of veggies.

Dalton is the sweetest most thoughtful boy we could ask for. It's almost sad to see him grow up, but overall he seems to be keeping his kind, easygoing personality.

For his birthday we got him a stuffed my little pony, notebooks and a dry erase board for coloring, treats, and my little pony socks. He got a Wii game from uncle Leonard (Wii sports, kids especially loved the tennis game since they are learning) a snorkel set from aunt Rachel, clothes from aunt Jamie and Aladdin movie from grandpa and grandma. We watched the movie all together that night, everyone loved it. He had a bowling party with most of his primary class and one friend from school. It was lots of fun! I made bowling ball cupcakes and we gave all his friends a mini bowling set. They had a great time.

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