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[No comments] First Night: I recently read about our first night home from the hospital with Dalton and how terrible it was. The first night home with Arthur was also pretty bad. John held him while I took a nap from 8-10 pm and I was up after that until about 3:30. He ate, spit up, pooped, ate again, fussed whenever I put him down, and then around 1:30 entered crying for no reason mode. This is the first time I think I've ever prayed for half an hour of sleep. But I got it! I slept from about 2-2:30 and after that feeding, he finally settled down for a few hours.

The next day he basically slept from 9 am until 11 am the next day. His second night he woke up every two hours to eat, but that was totally doable after the precious night.

Newborn slee habits aside, Arthur is the sweetest thing. He doesn't have his eyes open much, but he did have some restful alertness today and enjoys listening to his brother, sisters, and daddy talk.

Ironically, I am up writing this because our third night is looking more like our first. Oh well.

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