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[No comments] Asleep, Asleep: Today I left the house by myself with all four kids. I've hardly even had all four at home with me because John's been helping, and they've been gone a lot (school, and play dates for Sienna). But the kids all had dentist appointments after school so I dragged us all. And Arthur slept in his car seat the entire two hours.

Sienna was reluctant to open her mouth, but eventually overcame her shyness and let the hygienist clean her teeth with the rotating brush and everything. She got a Cinderella toothbrush out of the deal.

Everyone also got dragged to Maggie's piano recital. Maggie did wonderful, especially on the song she'd only been practicing for a week. Arthur slept through the whole thing. Sienna wasn't as crazy as I thought she might be. She didn't have a nap because she went to Disney on Ice (Frozen) with a bunch of her little friends today. One of the moms who was there saw me at the recital and complimented her behavior. She's definitely better behaved than a lot of kids!

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