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Sleep: It's All Relative: Yesterday I took a nap, sort of, for about an hour. I was snuggling Arthur. Maggie and Dalton were home, downstairs playing nicely. I was texting various people, and taking phone calls from Walgreens about my prescription. So it wasn't like I lay down in a quiet room and slept soundly for an hour. But when I got up I was amazingly refreshed. I was actually amazed at the difference.

Last night I got up twice with Arthur, not unusual. He woke up at 11:45 for a little over an hour, and 4:15 for about 45 minutes. Since I went to be (and fell sound asleep) at 8:30 and didn't get up until 7:30, I apparently got 9 hours of sleep! Again, I felt great all morning (it eventually wore off and I had to make do with a 20 minute nap before Arthur woke up). A little sleep can work wonders.

Arthur is a pretty good sleeper most of the time. A newborn that only wakes twice in the night is awesome. Two nights ago he woke up four times, so it's no guarantee, but when three consecutive hours of sleep is a blessing, I'll take it! He likes to be held a lot during the day and I can usually only get him to let me put him down for one long nap (which is why I often end up holding him while I nap).

Speaking of Arthur, he has amazingly rolled off his tummy every time I've put him there, maybe five times. He pulls onto his side from is back too. No leaving this one unattended! He's also started making adorable "ah!" sounds.


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