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Knott's Merry Farm: For Christmas, we bought Leonard, Sumana, Rachel and Brett tickets to Knott's Berry Farm. We thought an activity like that would be fun as a family, plus we're all adults and can buy whatever we want, so stuff Christmas gifts aren't as fun. Sadly, the weather apps failed us and it was indeed raining when we got there, and the entire morning. We got wet and the kids wanted to go home when we went to get lunch. Luckily, after one more shower, it started dying out and the sun even came out. We started to watch the 2 minute snowfall in Ghost Town and had churro sundaes and giant ice cream cookiewiches. So overall it was a success.

We got to see Snoopy Santa, the big kids got to do some roller coasters, and John even took Sienna off by herself to do some Nenna rides with daddy. I got to go on a roller coaster for the first time in quite a while (maybe since I snuck my pregnant belly on mine train at WDW?) I went on Pony Express, where you actually sit on a pony and goon the roller coaster. Which is hilarious and also kind of awesome.

We got annual passes for next year so we'll get to go back, and I think everyone else had a fun day overall, too.


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