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2015: Maggie was baptized, and learned to ice skate, ride a bike and multiply.
Dalton started kindergarten.
Sienna got her own social life with "pee-school", potty trained, became a big sister, and turned on to the good side of spunk.
I grew and birthed a baby, and made our Halloween costumes.
John worked a lot, organized our annual Flashlight Easter Egg hunt and our Christmas service project, and worked hard at his Gospel Doctrine calling.
Arthur learned how to roll over. (That's it, still waiting for smiles!)

We made dozens of Disneyland trips, and spent 9 days at Disney World. We got to go to Utah in the summer for a change and enjoy time with family, Lagoon, and the great outdoors. We interacted with penguins, dolphins, and beluga whales. We bought a van. We spent lots of time at the beach (but not enough, I think), lots of time at the pool, and really a lot of time in the hot tub. We did a lot of hiking and family walks, now bike rides (thanks Santa!) The kids took a little gymnastics, then roller skating and ice skating for Maggie, and tennis for both in the fall.

It's been a busy, eventful year. I'm expecting things to be more laid back next year, with four kids, no plans for the kids' activities and a very low-key vacation planned. We also plan to go to Utah twice, but everyone knows that doesn't count as a vacation. I do hope to get to the beach more. We'll see how that goes with a baby.


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