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Sea Me 34: For my birthday, John planned a special date with each of the kids and a family date. Maggie picked bowling, Dalton mini golf, Sienna Minions movie, and our family date was to Sea World. Bonus: Sea World is buy a day, get the rest of the year free. We went down today. Dalton and I also got to participate in the dolphin encounter. Since I couldn't go on any of the rides. That was definitely the highlight of the visit. We got to pet the dolphin, do hand signals to interact, feed her some fish, dance with her and more. She was a silly thing, talking, nodding and interacting. We were laughing the whole time.

We also saw the orca show and the pet show. I enjoyed the pet show. There were high-wire kitties, sign changing pigs, sneaky dogs and more. The orca show was a little disappointing. The one ride I was able to go on was the bay gondola, which was very pleasant. We also really enjoyed the petting pools. You can pet sharks, rays, cleaner fish and more. We paid $5 for little fish to feed the bat rays which was John's favorite part. Maggie loved the cleaner fish, and actually remembered doing the fish spa at the aquarium in Bangkok.

Overall a very nice day and birthday celebration.

Oh, we also dressed as pirates and stopped at Krispy Kreme for four free dozen donuts. (Sienna wouldn't dress up). And since we were early, we stopped at a lookout along the freeway and made friends with dozens of ground squirrels.


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