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What To Do All Day: School is back in session and I am already wondering what I did with my time last year. I worked, this is true. I also had to run errands during the time Dalton was at school, because Sienna napped after we picked him up. But we now have the morning free to run errands and she naps around 2:30, leaving the early afternoon and late morning free to... Play toys. And stuff.

Today I had a doctor appointment after Maggie went off to school. I dropped the kinder kids off. Read a book to Sienna. Played on my phone while Sienna did Legos. Played piano. Read scriptures. Prepped dinner. Did dishes and tidied up the kitchen. Searched for toy animals with penguin binoculars. Ate lunch. Colored with Sienna. Cleaned up Sienna's room. Set up the kiddie pool in Sienna's room for her stuffed animals. Pretended to ride teacups on the kiddie pool. Dalton's been in school for two hours.

I need to get started on some bigger projects, and also work on Maggie's Halloween costume, but I keep forgetting to consult with her on it.


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