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Hollywood and Harry: For the first part of our four day weekend, we went up to Hollywood. John found us a great apartment, right off Hollywood Blvd. The kids were impressed that we were steps away from the "holly stars". We went up Thursday night after Spring Fling/Open House at the school. On Friday morning, we went to the subway station and took the train, zillion escalators, and tram to Universal Studios, mostly to check out the new Harry Potter section. The setting is awesome, and the attention to detail. However, it was too crowded to enjoy the shops (we didn't even go into Ollivander's... 45 minute wait?) and the rides were disappointing. The first ride was a small roller coaster - short, but Sienna could go on it, and the line was also short and fast loading. The other ride involved a lengthy wait through the halls of Hogwarts. The line was cool - the first time at least - and we all waited together, even though the little kids couldn't go. But, neither John nor I liked the ride. It was a sort of virtual roller coaster. It's 3D, and you sit in a four person bench that moves with the elements of the ride - all of which are scary! The premise is that you're sneaking out of the castle to watch a Quidditch game and a dragon escapes. Which would have been awesome, but then they threw in acromantula, dementors, and the whomping willow and it was all too much. The frozen butterbeer was great, though!

The only other time I've ever been to Universal was when I was pregnant with Maggie. Not only was that 10 years ago, but I couldn't go on any of the rides. So it was a new experience. I was pleasantly surprised with all the non-Harry Potter stuff we did, which was pretty much everything. Jurassic Park was fun, The Mummy was scary, but I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride part, and I really liked Transformers. The Minion ride was also fun and we got to see the evil minion character. Sienna screamed in terror, but then begged us to wait in line to see Megatron. You just never know with that girl.

Saturday morning, we went to Griffith Park to do pony ride. We drove to the observatory after, but there was less than no parking, so we went to a brunch place instead, then came home and relaxed. Maggie finally finished reading Harry Potter this week, so we watched most of the first part of The Deathly Hallows tonight. More weekend to come!

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