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Old School: Dalt is reading Pokemon jokes.

Me: Do you ever know what a VCR is?
Dalt: It's how they used to make movies. Like a projector.

Little Feet: A little Arthur-ism that I just love. When I'm getting him dressed, I set him on my lap, and he sees his socks, he will hold up one little foot at a time to have his sock put on. It's so precious, especially considering the amount of convincing the next kid takes to get dressed.

Chilly Disney Holiday: John had to go to work this morning, so I took the kids to Disneyland bright and early. The idea was to do Haunted Mansion holiday and Jingle Cruise since we are blocked out most of the rest of the season. I prepared the kids to wait a long time, but we didn't have to! We actually arrived at opening time, which we've been slacking on this year. They agreed on Mickey lollipops for a treat, so we grabbed those from the Candy Palace as they opened. Then we walked onto Jingle Cruise. Sienna got stuck on the boat - literally - and had to have her jacket pried out. Kids got to blow the steam whistle at New Orleans Station. We walked onto Haunted Mansion then got stuck in the seance room for ten minutes. We did Pirates, and went into a shop to have someone help cut the lollipops open. Big kids went on Big Thunder by themselves. We waited ten minutes for Buzz (only line we waited in) and then took the horse-drawn trolley back to the exit. We went over to DCA and rode Monsters, then learned how to draw Zero in the Animation Academy. Everyone did a great job of not fighting or whining up until this point. We stopped to write letters to Santa on the way out. By the time we got to the car, everyone but Arthur was grumpy. Almost made it.

Also, it was in the 40s. Soooo cold.

Game Time: We went to a big neighborhood Christmas party last night. We got. Babysitter for the two little ones, but took Maggie and Dalton. The kids spent most of the time in the game bus. When we told Maggie it was time to leave, nearly three hours later, she accused us of changing the clocks, lying about the time, and only letting her play for a hour. Also, she hadn't eaten dinner (10:30 pm).

Are You Kidding Me?: Dalton's latest thing to say is "are you kidding me?" We usually aren't.

A Tiss and a Hug: Sienna likes to give people a kiss ("Tiss") and a Hug when they leave. Sometimes she is too late, so she invented a faraway hug where she stands with her arms open. She calls this a "benis."

She also says "waybe" (maybe).

Funicular: Maggie is learning Funiculi, Funicula on the piano. I pulled up Larry's High Silk Hat on the Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVD we got (three copies of) for our wedding, and now she is interested in practicing it. Where can I find Silly Songs for all of her piano music?


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